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Huawei Smart Band 8: Light, thin, and feature-packed

Huawei has officially unveiled the Smart Band 8 this morning, almost exactly a year after the Smart Band 7. To date, this is the company’s lightest, thinnest, and most feature-rich smart bracelet. With a weight of only 14 grammes and a thickness of only 8.99mm, the Huawei Band 8 promises to provide users with a comfortable and stylish experience.

Display & customization

At first glance, the Band 8 appears to be very similar to its predecessor. Both have a 1.47-inch screen that rivals a smartwatch, allowing users to stay connected and informed at all times. The display has a resolution of 368 x 194 pixels and a pixel density of 282 PPI.

In addition, the device supports over 10,000 dials, including AOD (Always-On Display) screen display dials. This allows users to personalise their wearable to their preferences and style.

This time, the band has a higher build quality. The frame has been redesigned to be flat on all sides. This gives the impression of being taller than the previous version. It’s also one millimetre thinner and two grammes lighter than before. Water resistance remains at 5 ATM.

Colour options & strap designs

The Huawei Smart Band 8 comes in four different colours: Emerald Green, Magic Night Black, Cherry Pink, and Vibrant Orange. All have matching straps.

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With a single press, the new push-type quick-release strap allows for simple disassembly. Depending on their personal comfort and lifestyle needs, other strap options include an antibacterial nylon option and a semi-permeable soft rubber band.

Huawei Band 8
Huawei Band 8

Sports & health features

With support for 100 sports modes, the Huawei Smart Band 8 is intended for fitness enthusiasts. On this list are popular activities such as running, cycling, and swimming.

Users who are concerned about their health will appreciate the device’s automatic blood oxygen detection, women’s health management, and all-day stress monitoring features. The wearable also allows users to participate in heart health research, demonstrating Huawei’s commitment to improving its customers’ overall well-being.

The Huawei TruSleep 3.0 sleep monitoring algorithm that comes with the Band 8 is designed to help users optimise their sleep patterns. The algorithm computes sleep scores and can be integrated with smart sleep improvement plans, providing users with personalised recommendations to improve their sleep quality.

The Huawei TruSeen 5.0 sensor is designed to continuously monitor heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. It also monitors heart rate variability. The data should be more precise than TruSeen 4.0 in Smart Band 7.

Smart functionality, battery life

With normal use, the battery should last about two weeks. Nine days of runtime should be possible with heavy use. Both are pretty decent and compare favourably with the competition.

A few smart features are also sprinkled in. This includes support for incoming messages from the connected smartphone, as well as camera remote control and music playback from a smartphone. A more expensive NFC iteration of the device is available with contactless payments.

Pricing & availability

In China, the standard Huawei Smart Band 8 (with a soft rubber strap) will cost 269 yuan (35 euros), while the NFC version will cost 309 yuan (40 euros). Both variants will be available on April 26. The nylon strap version, which costs 10 yuan more, will be available on May 31. The international launch date is yet to be announced.

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