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On your marks: Gearing up for Garmin Forerunner 65 release

The Garmin Forerunner series has been a staple for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. With the Forerunner 65 release on the horizon, there’s a lot of speculation and anticipation about what this new model could bring to the table. We also look at its potential release date.

Let’s state right at the outset – as of now, there have been no leaks regarding the watch. The only information we have received on an upcoming Garmin device is for Venu 3. We are on the lookout though, and will update the text when new info becomes available. For now, this article delves into what we’d like to see from the Forerunner 65 based on the logical progression in the series.

Historical release patterns and potential release date

The Forerunner series has seen consistent updates over the years. The Forerunner 35 was released in September 2016, followed by the Forerunner 45 in May 2019, and the Forerunner 55 in June 2021.

Garmin typically has a two year gap between subsequent version of a series. Sometimes there is an interim edition of a device which messes with that schedule.

As it has been over two years now since the release of the Forerunner 55 it is realistic to expect a new version of the watch will land in the near future. Having said that, there have been no regulatory filings. We are, therefore, not expecting the Forerunner 65 at IFA in Berlin in early September. Our best guess for the Forerunner 65’s release is slightly before the holiday shopping period in 2023 (October or early November) or perhaps in early 2024.

Forerunner 55 vs 45 vs 45s: A quick recap

The Forerunner series stands as a beacon of affordability and quality for budget-conscious individuals. Priced at $149 on Garmin’s website, the Forerunner 45/45s has seen a notable price reduction from its initial launch. Meanwhile, the Forerunner 55, with its $200 price tag, is brimming with features befitting a GPS running watch.

In terms of design, the distinctions between these models are subtle. Yet, the Forerunner 55 shines with its vastly improved battery life, round-the-clock respiration tracking, Women’s Health insights, and enhanced running metrics such as Pace Pro Pacing Strategies, Daily Suggested Workouts, and Recovery Time. Additionally, it caters to swimmers, supports HIIT workouts, and integrates seamlessly with Connect IQ’s data fields, widgets, and apps.

While the latest model is a standout choice for those seeking a new, budget-friendly running watch, many Forerunner 45 users found the upgrades insufficient to warrant a switch. It’s this segment of users that is most likely to eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Forerunner 65.

Wishlist for the Forerunner 65 explored

Size options to cater to all

The Garmin Forerunner 45 offered a choice for users with its two case sizes – 39mm and 42mm. This was a feature that many appreciated, especially those with smaller wrists. With the Forerunner 55 only available in a 42mm case size, there’s a palpable hope that Garmin reintroduces multiple size options for the Forerunner 65, catering to a broader range of users.

Display quality and navigation

Display quality is another area where there’s room for improvement. The Forerunner 55’s display, with its resolution of 208 x 208 pixels depicting only 64 colors, sometimes shows slight pixelation. An enhanced transflective MIP display for the Forerunner 65 would be a significant upgrade. However, while many might wish for an AMOLED version, it’s essential to manage expectations. Garmin traditionally reserves AMOLED for its higher-end models, and it’s unlikely they’d make an exception for the Forerunner 65.

While the current version of the watch lacks a touchscreen display, relying instead on 5 buttons for navigation, this might seem a tad outdated to some. However, for runners, buttons offer more precise control, especially during intense activities. It’s a feature that, while not modern, makes practical sense to retain.

Music and payments

Features like on-board music storage would be a delightful addition, allowing runners the freedom to leave their phones behind and still enjoy their favorite tunes. Contactless payments, a feature found in many contemporary smartwatches, would be another convenient addition, especially for those quick post-run purchases.

GNSS, sensor upgrades, performance metrics

Recent Garmin watches come equipped with multi-band GNSS, ensuring more accurate location tracking. It’s only logical for the Forerunner 65 to incorporate this feature.

Sensor upgrades are also on the wishlist. While the heart rate sensor has remained consistent across models it will, most likely, be upgraded to the latest version. The addition of an altimeter and SpO2 sensor would be beneficial for tracking elevation and blood oxygen levels, respectively. With health and fitness tracking becoming more sophisticated, the inclusion of more premium health stats and performance metrics would be another significant upgrade.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor for any smart device, and the Forerunner 65 is no exception. Users would undoubtedly appreciate a longer battery life, especially for those long runs or marathon training sessions.

Budget-friendly expectations

Lastly, despite the potential upgrades and enhancements, it’s crucial for the Forerunner 65 to remain budget-friendly. The Forerunner series has always catered to users looking for quality without burning a hole in their pockets, and the Forerunner 65 should be no different. So expect something around the $200 price-mark.

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The Garmin Forerunner 65, though not officially announced, is eagerly anticipated. Based on the progression of the series and the needs of its user base, the features listed above are both a combination of hopes and educated guesses. Only time will reveal what Garmin has in store for us.

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  • Hola, me parece que ya no lo tendremos para estas navidades.

  • As far as I know, leaked the release time frame for multiple Garmin devices. One of which was the Forerunner 65 in early 24. I’d be happy with a FR 55 + the updated sleep tracking algorithm, an improved heart rate sensor and a strength training profile. The FR 55 sleep tracking is garbage and the reason why I’ve sold mine. Also, the HR tracking during anything other than steady state cardio was a bit on the unreliable side of things (compared to a chest strap). Other budget running watches did a better job, so I switched to a Coros Pace 2. Would love to return to Garmin for the FR 65.

    • I don’t think there have been any leaks yet as far as dates. Only speculation.


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