Zepp OS 2.1 starts rolling out to Amazfit T-Rex 2

Amazfit T-Rex 2, the rugged smartwatch that has won the hearts of many with its robust features and durability, is transitioning over to Zepp OS 2.1 The software update has started rolling out earlier today.

Zepp OS 2.1: What’s new?

This new operating system brings enhancements across the board, some of which are not immediately visible. The new software should feel more snappy as there are lots of improvements under the hood. Also two key features are in Zepp OS 2.1 that enhance the user experience: Adjustable Layouts & Color Themes, and a Richer Mini App Ecosystem.

With Zepp OS 2.1, users can customize their watch interface according to their preferences. This will make the Amazfit T-Rex 2 a more personal and intimate part of their daily lives, as they will be able to set it up as per their liking.

The Richer Mini App Ecosystem, on the other hand, will expand the functionality of the Amazfit T-Rex 2. From fitness tracking to productivity tools, there is various software on offer that enhances the utility of the watch.

Features Zepp 2.0

To remind, the only devices with Zepp 2.0 or above so far are the Amazfit GT4 series, Amazfit T-Rex Ultra and the Amazfit Cheetah series. T-Rex 2 was a full generation behind as far as the software it runs on. The same is the case with Amazfit Falcon which also received the update a few days ago.

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Here’s a table illustrating the different Amazfit watches and version of the Zepp operating system they are currently running on (before this latest software update).

Zepp OS

Beta hits official release

It is no surprise the software has landed. Zepp Health shared an invite over social media a few weeks ago offering an exclusive opportunity for 20 enthusiastic users to get early access to the new system. This was a unique chance to explore the enhanced capabilities of the Amazfit T-Rex 2 before anyone else. So we knew the upgrade was on the cards.

Here is Zepp Health’s communication from end July in full.

“We’re thrilled to announce that the Amazfit T-Rex 2 is getting an exciting upgrade to the Zepp OS 2.0 operating system in August, offering a brand new watch user experience.

As a valued Amazfit T-Rex 2 watch user, we want to invite you to be among the first to try out this cutting-edge upgrade! We are looking for 20 enthusiastic users to get early access to the new system and its exciting features.

If you can’t wait to explore the enhanced capabilities of your Amazfit T-Rex 2, seize this opportunity by sending us an email with your Zepp ID to join the exclusive beta testing. Application Email: jin@amazfit.com

Application Deadline: July 28, 2023

Rest assured, your privacy and personal information will be strictly protected and kept confidential throughout the testing process. However, we want to be transparent and inform you that there might be an extremely low probability of encountering data loss in the watch memory during the internal test experience.

To make this upgrade as seamless as possible, we kindly ask you to take the time to provide us with valuable feedback on your experience with the new features. Your input will be invaluable in refining the Zepp OS 2.0 before its official release.

To the delight of many, the software has passed the Beta stage and is now official. The rollout has started this morning but it has not hit all devices just yet. So patience is your friend.

When it becomes available, you will notice it in the smartphone app. It goes under Version Number and is 40.33 megabytes in size.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 ZeppOS 2.1

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