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boAt dives into wearable tech with its first smart ring

The realm of smart rings greets a fresh new addition with the unveiling of boAt’s inaugural smart ring in India. This represents a noteworthy achievement for the domestic brand as it embarks on a journey into the sphere of cost-effective wearables.

The new contenders

In the past couple of years, the wearable technology market has seen a surge in the launch of smart rings. Brands like RingConn, Ultrahuman, and the soon-to-be-launched Ivy Ring have been making headlines. The once reigning champion, the Oura ring, is finally facing some worthy competition, and at more affordable prices.

Just recently we had the opportunity to test out RingConn. As noted in our hands-on review, this device has emerged as a strong contender in the smart ring space. It is particularly interesting for those looking to track recovery statistics. Its sleek design, user-friendly setup, and detailed insights from the accompanying app make it a compelling choice. Despite needing some improvement in exercise heart rate measurement, RingConn’s accurate recovery tracking, daily and nightly stats, and proactive approach to updates are commendable.

boAt announces its first ever smart ring

Now India-grown wearable brand boAt has officially launched its first-ever smart ring. This marks the brand’s step forward in wearable technology, focusing on an affordable offering.

The boAt Smart Ring comes with a sleek design and a ceramic and metal unibody for durability and premium looks. It is water-resistant down to depths of 5 meters. The inner surface of the ring houses various sensors, while the upper surface features smart touch controls that allow users to interact and control compatible devices with swipe navigations.

In terms of health tracking, the boAt Smart Ring is equipped with 6-axis motion sensors. It has a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, menstrual cycle monitor, and body temperature monitor. There is a body recovery tracker that will track the user’s recovery levels and enable them to push harder in their next workout. The device is capable of tracking various activities, and with the boAt Ring app, users will get valuable and detailed insights.

boAt Smart Ring

The boAt Smart Ring also features Emergency SOS and offers a battery life of up to 7 days on a full charge. On paper, this certainly sounds like a complete package. Whether it lives up to expectations, remains to be seen.

The device carries a price tag of Rs 8,999 and will be available in three ring sizes with diameters of 17.40mm, 19.15mm, and 20.85mm. You’ll be able to pick up the device from Amazon, Flipkart, and the brand’s website starting August 28.

The future of smart rings

The future of smart rings looks promising. Reports suggest that Samsung is developing its own offering, and other mainstream brands are poised to follow suit. Apple is another company we are keeping an eye on as it has several smart ring patents.

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We are currently seeing a gradual shift. Tech is shrinking while, at the same time, it is becoming more powerful. With their health-focused features and stylish designs, smart rings are poised to become a popular item. As more brands enter the market, consumers will have a wider range of options to choose from, making the future of this market segment bright and exciting.

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