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New Fitbit device clears IMDA hurdle: Launch on the horizon

A new IMDA certification of a device registered under Fitbit’s name adds a layer of certainty to ongoing speculations, suggesting that the release of a new Fitbit device—potentially the Luxe 2 or Ace 4—is imminent. This follows a previous FCC filing where the device was registered under Google LLC, Fitbit’s parent company.

What is IMDA?

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is a statutory board in Singapore responsible for regulating and developing the country’s information, communications, and media sectors. It’s a key body for the certification of electronic devices, including wearables like fitness trackers. A device’s IMDA certification is often a strong indicator that it’s ready for the market, at least in Singapore.

Confirmation of speculations

The new IMDA certification of a device with the moniker G3MP5 has added a fresh layer to the unfolding Fitbit saga. Interestingly, this device was registered under Fitbit’s name, not Google’s. This aligns with earlier speculations that the gadget registered with the FCC under Google LLC was indeed a Fitbit product. The moniker in both filings is exactly the same – G3MP5.

Fitbit Luxe 2

Given that IMDA certification precedes a market launch, it’s reasonable to speculate that the device could be unveiled in the coming days or weeks. This is further supported by Fitbit’s historical pattern of releasing new products in late summer.

The absence of new Fitbit devices at IFA Berlin

Fitbit’s recent attendance at the IFA in Berlin was noteworthy for what didn’t happen: the company didn’t unveil any new devices. This breaks from their tradition in previous years and adds an element of suspense around the upcoming product. The absence of a new release at such a significant event could mean that Fitbit is saving the spotlight for this mysterious device.

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We attended IFA and visited Fitbit’s booth. Rather dissapointingly, it was exactly the same as last year. On display were Sense 2, Versa 4, Inspire 3, Charge 5 and Luxe. Hardly something to get excited about given that none of this devices were released in 2023. In fact, Fitbit has not released any new hardware this year.

Connectivity features

The IMDA filing, like its FCC counterpart, only mentions Bluetooth connectivity for the G3MP5 device. This absence of Wi-Fi support reinforces the initial speculation that this is an activity band – perhaps Luxe 2 or the Ace 4. Both of these potential devices are not expected to have advanced connectivity features like Wi-Fi, focusing instead on basic tracking and Bluetooth capabilities. Or perhaps it could be the beginning of a new line.

For reference, Luxe was released in April 2021. So it has been more than three years since that unveiling. Ace 3 saw the light of day in March of that year. Which means, that one is also well due for an upgrade.

The IMDA certification has added more pieces to the puzzle, but it has also confirmed some of the speculations around the mysterious Fitbit device. No doubt, additional details will surface in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

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4 thoughts on “New Fitbit device clears IMDA hurdle: Launch on the horizon

  • I have been an avid Fitbit fan for several years now. Generally I upgrade every 2 years as that’s usually about how long they last as I lead a very active life (walk about 55 miles a week). The upgraded versions have all been great until the last one I purchased in December of 2022. The communication has been sketchy, the screen gets stuck on the “payment” mode even though I refuse to use it. Additionally, the screen remains off after tapping it twice as directed. Now the battery goes from 100% to ZERO in less than a day! Supposedly they removed the ability to track the “flights of stairs” function without letting the users know AND they didn’t remove it from the screen so that function indicates ZERO instead of being removed from the device.
    I haven’t worn my Fitbit in over two weeks because it has turned into a daily aggravation as I can now longer track the most important function, the sleep tracking! It’s now a POS waste of money that sits on my nightstand and its less then a 9 months old! What a disappointment after wearing various Fitbits over the last 7 years!

    • My Charge 5 has become useless. It fails to track my sleep 50% of the time. I have done everything suggested to no avail. I purchased it October of ’22. I expected it to last at least 2 years. I’m looking for a more reliable brand.

      • Go to the forum and look at comments regarding the firmware fiasco. Mine died two weeks prior to the warranty deadline and they will not cover it. They only offer a 35% discount toward a new one. They take no responsibility for their error and are not willing to admit it was their fault. This was my second tracker but no more for me! Very disappointed in their customer services department.

  • I have a Fitbit Luxe. It will record the sleep pattern for a few nights and then nothing for a few nights. Very frustrating.


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