Samsung Galaxy Ring: New info suggests a January 2024 debut

Samsung is reportedly planning to unveil its smart ring at its S24 event in January. This news comes after a year of rumors and speculation about the company’s entry into the smart ring market, a segment of wearable tech that has seen growing interest in recent years.

The most recent word about the device comes from Ice Universe, a leaker with a good track record. While some sources have expected a release later this year, he thinks this will not occur until 2024 and the company’s January Galaxy S1 launch.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

What we know about the Galaxy Ring

The development process for the Galaxy Ring is reportedly pretty much complete, and Samsung has secured the necessary hardware for production. The device is expected to include an accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor and ECG (Electrocardiograph) sensor. It could also offer the ability to control smart devices such as tablets and TVs via gestures.

A recent report from Korean publication, The Elec, indicates that Samsung is close to mass-producing its smart ring, following recent prototype testing. The report suggests that a preliminary development review is slated to be presented to Samsung’s mobile chief, TM Roh. If approved, the report states that “product development can proceed in full swing.”

Nevertheless, it is entirely possible we may not see the ring until 2024. This is due to the standard regulatory processes and various certification processes the device must undergo to obtain a “medical device” status, similar to the Galaxy Watch series.

The benefits of a smart ring

Smart rings, while lacking screens, offer certain advantages over wrist-worn devices. These devices are typically more durable than smartwatches or fitness bands and sit in close proximity to the skin and certain nerve endings, making them suitable for health tracking.

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Additionally, a smart ring is more discreet, with no screen to draw attention. This lack of a screen also means that battery life can be measured in days rather than hours, making it a more convenient wearable.

The Galaxy Ring in the Samsung ecosystem

The Galaxy Ring will not be just a standalone product, but a part of Samsung’s broader ecosystem of health products. The recent Samsung Health Beta reference, leaks, patent, and trademark filing are strong indicators of an upcoming expansion of Samsung’s ecosystem of health products. The Galaxy Ring, with its potential health tracking capabilities, fits perfectly into this ecosystem, providing users with a new way to monitor their health.

The development of the Galaxy Ring also points to a broader trend in the tech industry: the diversification of form factors for health monitoring. Fitness bands are slowly being phased out in favor of smartwatches, and now, smart rings. In the future, we might see this type of tech transition over to smart clothing or even ingestibles that monitor your vital signs from the inside.

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