Garmin Connect’s new Light Mode: A useful upgrade

Garmin has just rolled out a new feature for its Connect app. It allows users to toggle between Light, Dark, and System modes. Up to now, the app had been set to Dark mode by default. Here, we delve into what each mode offers.

Apple was among the first to introduce Light and Dark modes in its operating system with iOS 13. This feature quickly gained traction, influencing other tech companies to incorporate similar options. Garmin’s recent update can be seen as a nod to this trend, offering users more customisation options that align with their device settings.

A Light mode isn’t just a cosmetic change; it has implications for user experience and accessibility. For individuals with visual impairments or conditions like photophobia, the ability to switch between Light and Dark modes can be a significant relief. Light mode, with its dark text on a white background, often offers higher contrast and is easier to read for some users. It can also be beneficial for older adults who may struggle with the lower contrast of Dark mode.

Understanding the modes

Light Mode

In Light mode, the app displays a white background with dark text. This mode is ideal for daytime use or in well-lit environments, as it reduces glare and can be easier on the eyes.

Dark Mode

Dark mode, the app’s default setting until now, features a black background with white or light-colored text. This mode is beneficial for low-light conditions and can reduce eye strain.

System Mode

The System mode aligns the app’s appearance with the device’s system settings. If your phone is set to Dark mode, Garmin Connect will automatically switch to its Dark mode as well.

The choice between Light and Dark modes isn’t just about aesthetics or visibility; it can also impact your device’s battery life. Dark mode is known to be more energy-efficient on OLED and AMOLED screens, which are common in modern smartphones. These screens light up individual pixels, meaning that a black background requires less energy to display.

How to access the new feature

To take advantage of the new Light mode, users must update to the latest version of the Garmin Connect app. Both iOS and Android have received the update.

The setting can be accessed by navigating to Settings > User Settings > Theme.

An opportunity for tablet optimization

While Garmin is making progress in improving its smartphone app, there’s a noticeable gap when it comes to tablet optimisation. This gap becomes even more glaring when you consider Apple’s upcoming move.

Apple is set to introduce an iPad-specific app for Apple Health with the launch of iPadOS 17. This is a significant development, as it marks the first time Apple Health will be available as a standalone app on iPads. The software is expected to offer a more expansive user interface, taking advantage of the larger screen real estate to display health metrics and trends in a more detailed manner. It’s also likely to integrate seamlessly with other Apple services and devices, offering a cohesive health tracking experience.

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Given this development, now might be an opportune time for Garmin to develop a tablet-specific app for Garmin Connect. Doing so would not only fill a current void but also position Garmin as a more versatile player in the health and fitness tech ecosystem.

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