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The carbon code cracked by Garmin’s new MARQ collection

The Garmin MARQ Carbon Collection brings a blend of durability and functionality to the smartwatch market. The company has now introduced three distinct models catering to athletes, golfers, and military personnel. These watches are more than just a pretty face and the price-tag reflects that!

The Carbon conundrum solved

Carbon fiber is no longer just the stuff of supercars and high-end bicycles. Garmin has taken this material and engineered it into their second-generation MARQ smartwatches. The company says it had to overcome some non-trivial challenges, such as tweaking the antenna design, to make this material work for a wearable.

The result? A housing and bezel made from a single carbon block, comprising 130 fused layers for maximum durability and minimum weight.

You might be wondering – why carbon?

The material stands out as an excellent material for watches due to its unique combination of properties. It boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it both strong and lightweight. This makes it ideal for wearables that need to be comfortable yet durable. The material is also highly resistant to corrosion, temperature variations, and wear and tear, ensuring longevity. Its aesthetic appeal adds another layer of desirability.

Three flavours of functionality

Given they are Garmin-made, it’s no surprise these smartwatches go beyond mere aesthetics and offer a range of functionalities. They track sports activities, navigate, monitor heart rate, and measure oxygen saturation, positioning themselves as your go-to gadget for various tasks.

You have three specialised editions to pick from. Each caters to the unique needs of different users.

First on the list is the MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition. True to its name, this watch is a golfer’s dream. It comes pre-loaded with over 43,000 golf courses and even suggests which club to use based on wind speed.

Following that is the MARQ Commander Carbon Edition, specifically tailored for military personnel. It features a night vision mode and includes a kill switch that disables all radio connections and position recordings when activated.

Finally, we have the MARQ Athlete Carbon Edition. Marketed as the ultimate multi-sport smartwatch, it targets those who are serious about their training.

Each of the three models packs an AMOLED display, known for its vibrant colors and deep blacks. Garmin is gradually making the shift to this type of display from MIP (memory-in-pixel), a move that may not please everyone, but it’s a fact.

Garmin touts a battery life of up to 16 days for these smartwatches. That’s an impressive feat considering their extensive features.

Price, availability

The use of carbon fiber is certainly a highlight of these new watches. But the specialised features of each model make them stand out in their respective niches. Whether you’re a golfer looking for that perfect swing, a soldier in need of tactical advantages, or an athlete striving for peak performance, there’s a MARQ Carbon Edition designed just for you.

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As for the price, the devices are clearly aimed at a premium market. The Athlete version is priced at 2,950 euros, the Golfer version at 3,100 euros, and the Commander version at a steep 3,200 euros. Check them out on Garmin’s website.

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