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Firmware 15.68 brings nap tracking to Garmin Fenix 7 series & Epix

Garmin has initiated its 4th quarter Beta update cycle, releasing new firmware for a range of models including Fenix 7 series, Epix, Enduro 2, Quatix 7, and MARQ Gen 2. The highlight of this update, labeled 15.68, is the introduction of the nap tracking feature.

Understanding the nap tracking feature

Previously launched with the Vivoactive 5 and Venu 3 watches, nap tracking automatically tracks daytime naps and integrates them into your overall health metrics. The feature is designed to detect naps that are less than 3 hours long and outside of your normal sleep window.

All of this is done without user intervention. However, you do have the option to manually start a nap tracking session via the new Nap widget. The ‘Start Nap’ option doesn’t trigger the nap as one might assume. Instead, it activates sleep mode to ensure users remain undisturbed, offering an alarm/timer setting for a chosen duration.

Unfortunately, the Sleep Coaching feature is not in the change-log. To remind, it also debuted on Vivoactive 5 and Venu 3 watches. Powered by Firstbeat Analytics, Sleep Coaching offers personalised sleep advice based on real-time data. It establishes a ‘Personal Baseline’ for the amount of sleep you should get each night, which adapts based on various metrics like daily activity levels, recent sleep history, and HRV. Hopefully this feature will be added on in the coming weeks.

Other notable updates

Beyond nap tracking, there are other notable changes. Body Battery has received “additions and enhancements”, showcasing the breakout contributing “factors”, again reminiscent of the Venu 3 and Vivoactive 5.

The extensive changelog for firmware 15.68 can be seen below. The watches that will be getting this update include Fenix 7 and 7 Pro, Fenix 7x and 7x Pro, Fenix 7s and 7s Pro, Epix and Epix Pro 42mm/47mm/51mm, Enduro 2, Quatix 7, and MARQ Gen 2. It will be interesting to see if Garmin stops here, or some of the high-end Forerunners also get the nap tracking feature in the coming days!

  • Added the ability to track naps, including a new Nap widget and an updated Sleep widget.
  • Additions and enhancements to the Body Battery feature.
  • Added audio prompts for course points.
  • Added the ability to display images within smart notifications (Android only).
  • Added phone lost detection during an activity.
  • Enabled in system alert settings.
  • Added large font mode.
  • Added a Moon Phase widget.
  • Added tracking of splits for Ski.
  • Added NAVIC GPS support.
  • Added a confirmation popup when saving an activity via touch.
  • Added ability to enable Red Shift when Do Not Disturb is enabled.
  • Expanded Red Shift functionality to include Orange and Green colors as well (AMOLED models only.)

Of course, in addition to this there are a bunch of fixes. You can view the full change-log on the Garmin forums.

How to get the update

For those eager to get their hands on this update, it’s accessible through the ‘Check For Updates’ option on the watch. Instead of the cumbersome process of manually loading files, this update is downloadable via Wifi. Simply navigate: Menu > System > Software Update > Check For Updates on your watch.

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A crucial point to note is that only devices registered in the Public Beta program will receive these Beta updates. As the Public Beta cycle progresses, updates will be delivered automatically via GCM/Wifi, with announcements indicating when they’re available Over The Air.

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