FORM Goggle HeadCoach aims to gamify swim training

This afternoon, FORM unveiled HeadCoach, an innovative feature that elevates swim goggles from mere eye shields to sophisticated training tools. Far from the realm of science fiction, this is the next logical step in swim training, offering real-time analytics and skill evaluations. In essence, HeadCoach adds a gamified layer to your aquatic workouts.

The smart swim specs have been around for a number of years now. Check out our full hands-on review of the gadget.

The gizmo offers swimmers the kind of real-time data tracking previously only available to runners and cyclists. Typically retailing for $199 (check price on Amazon), the goggles feature a see-through augmented reality display that provides a plethora of real-time metrics, including the option for heart rate tracking via an external monitor. The companion app complements the hardware by presenting data in an easily digestible format, rich with metrics for detailed analysis. If you’re after a pair of smart specs for tracking swim sessions, you will not find a better product out there.

What is HeadCoach?

HeadCoach is a new feature designed to offer real-time visual coaching and in-app education to swimmers. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, HeadCoach aims to enhance your performance and speed in the water. It operates on two types of metrics: FORM Score and HeadCoach Skills.

FORM Score is a numerical representation of your overall swim efficiency, calculated based on your pace and stroke length. The score ranges on a scale from 0-100, with higher numbers indicating better skill. The average score falls somewhere between 40-50, in case you were wondering.

Form HeadCoach

HeadCoach Skills is the other part of the system. It narrows in on five key areas: head roll, head pitch, set pacing, interval pacing, and breathing time-to-neutral. Each skill is rated from 0 to 100, providing a detailed analysis of where you need to improve and how you’re progressing.

In-pool experience

After your first swim, HeadCoach provides an in-app assessment rating your skills from 0 to 100. The app also contains an education section with videos and materials on improving specific skills. In the pool, you can activate HeadCoach skills mode to focus on something that you need to improve, receiving real-time visual coaching. Each skill area has a unique, gamified exercise designed to improve your performance.

So not only do you get an assesment of your skill. You are also coached on improving your performance in the water.

Form HeadCoach

After your swim, you can access personalized analysis and educational content in the FORM App. The app provides a comprehensive post-swim analysis, even if you’re not a Premium Features subscriber. This includes a range of metrics, including distance, length count, split time, stroke rate, and more. This comprehensive view allows you to analyze your progress and set new goals effectively.

Premium features and pricing

HeadCoach addresses an important gap in the swimming world: the lack of real-time, personalized coaching. The feature takes Form Swim Goggles to the next level. It allows for focused skill development and provides metrics directly via the in-goggle display. The idea is to enable you to concentrate entirely on your technique, without external distractions.

HeadCoach is part of FORM’s Premium subscription. If you’re already a Premium subscriber or in your one-year free trial period, you’ll have immediate access to HeadCoach. For those who aren’t, a subscription to Premium is required at $15 USD per month. Each pair of FORM Smart Swim Goggles comes with a one-year free trial of Premium Features.

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