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Garmin makes Descent Mk3 range official

Garmin has made official on its website the Descent Mk3 range along with an eco-friendly solar variant of Descent G1. We were expecting the announcement as information had leaked earlier hinting the news would arrive today.

Predecessor devices, the Descent Mk2, Mk2s and Mk2i were released back in 2020 and 2021. These models have earned a solid reputation for their dedicated diving functionalities and dependability. In 2022, Garmin also expanded its lineup with the G1 model, a more affordable diving watch that retains much of the Mk2 series’ technology.

Garmin Descent Mk3 range & additional variant of G1 Solar

The new MK3 range consists of the 43mm Descent Mk3, along with two Mk3i variants – a 43mm and a 51mm. All of these are some of the most advanced dive computer/smartwatches you will find out there.

AMOLED display & SubWave sonar

The main news is the arrival of touchscreen AMOLED technology. The 51mm Mk3i comes with a 1.4 inch diameter 454 x 454 pixel display. The 43mm variants have a 1.2 inch 390 x 390 pixel displays. It is worth mentioning, reactions on social media have been mixed. Some welcome the AMOLED technology, others prefer the old MIP display.

The other news about the Mk3i watches is that they feature SubWave sonar-based communication and diver monitoring. The feature is not available at the outset, but will arrive at a future date via a firmware update. It will allow divers to communicate with other divers via preset messages up to 30 meters away. It will also monitor tank pressures and depth for up to 8 divers within a range of 10 meters.

Garmin Descent MK3
Garmin Descent Mk3i

Beyond that, the new watches come with pretty much identical functionality. The only difference is that Mk3 does not have Air Integration, transmitters support and info on gas time remaining and gas consumption rate. And it does not have the, above mentioned, SubWave sonar feature.

As before you get to choose from multiple dive modes but water resistance has been boosted from 100 to 200 meters. There’s a Dive Readiness tool – which shows how lifestyle factors effect your readiness to hit the water. This looks very much like a revamped Training Readiness tool that can be found on other Garmin watches. Additional features include Diveview maps, Dive Log and much more.

Much more than a diving watch

But this is much more than simply a dive watch. You’ll get a lot of the data that is available on other Garmin high-end watches. Which means the device is as useful in the water as it is out of it.

Also, the satellite connectivity has been upgraded to multi-band GPS. You get more training, planning and analysis features than before. Plus some tactical features such as Stealth Mode, Night Vision Mode, Kill Switch and more.

The added functionality is not really surprising considering the hefty price tag. The Descent Mk3 starts at $1,199.99 on Garmin’s website. It is available in a stainless steel with a Gray Silicone Band. The Mk3i timepieces start at $200 more. The 43mm is available in a Bronze PVD Titanium with French Gray Silicone Band, while the $1,599.99 variant in 51mm case can be picked up in Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black Silicone Band.

Eco friendly variant of G1 Solar

The other new watch that has been added to Garmin’s website is an Ocean Edition of the Descent G1 Solar.

Garmin Descent G1
Garmin Descent G1 Solar – Ocean Edition

Retailing for an unchanged $649.99, it comes with a Sapphire Crystal lens instead of Power Sapphire and is slightly lighter. The news here is that the watch’s housing, bezel and buttons are crafted from recycled ocean-bound plastics.

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