RingConn Smart Ring gets Wellness Balance, temperature tracking & more

RingConn Smart Ring has received an enhanced version of its app, bringing a suite of new features and enhancements. The update, version 2.0.2, is particularly notable for its introduction of the Wellness Balance Status module and temperature tracking.

The ring was introduced earlier this year and its proven its worth, particularly for those interested in recovery stats. As noted in our hands-on review, its unobtrusive design and simple setup make it appealing for various users. The app might seem complex but offers a lot of data and syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit.

The device is a noteworthy alternative to the Oura Ring, providing similar features and performance at a better price, without subscription fees. It’s ideal for those looking for a subtle wearable.

What’s more, the company’s ongoing updates and community engagement show promise for future improvements. As part of this ongoing development a new version of the app was just released into the wild.

A plethora of updates

Wellness Balance Status module: A visual health overview

The standout feature of this update is the Wellness Balance graph. This beautifully designed interface provides users with an at-a-glance view of their overall health status, integrating data from various health metrics. The graph is not just visually appealing but also interactive, offering detailed insights on your Vital Signs, Sleep, Activity and Stress with a simple click. Beyond that you get clear insights on what you can do to improve your score.

Temperature tracking: Personalized and precise

Another key enhancement is the inclusion of temperature tracking. This feature establishes a personal baseline for each user, offering daily insights into overnight average temperatures and deviations from the norm. Such detailed tracking is crucial for understanding subtle changes in one’s health and can be particularly valuable for early detection of potential health issues.

RingConn says they are working on upgrading the skin temperature tracking for better accuracy. So users may notice temporary fluctuations in readings. That’s something to keep in mind.

Respiratory Rate monitoring and Data Export functionality

The update also introduces a Respiratory Rate feature, providing morning updates and comparisons to a seven-day average. This addition complements the existing suite of health metrics, offering a more comprehensive view of the user’s health. Furthermore, the new data export functionality allows users to download their health data in CSV format, a useful tool for those who wish to perform more detailed analysis or share information with healthcare providers.

App Enhancements: More insights, better stability

Beyond these headline features, the overall upgrade of the app is evident. The previous version’s limitation of providing lots of data without much analysis has been addressed. Users now receive more insightful interpretations of their health metrics, making the app not just a data collector but a valuable health advisor.

Beta label and ongoing development

The changelog for both iOS and Android versions includes the addition of the Wellness Balance Status module, Data Export feature, and User Guide. The Sleep Module has been optimized, and overall app stability has been improved. Notably, Android users also get a Vital Signs and Activity Widget.

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In the latest update, users might notice a “Beta” sign next to the Wellness Balance feature. This label indicates ongoing development and refinement of this feature, assuring users that any discrepancies in scores or results are recognized and will be addressed in future updates.

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