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The new “My Week” plan feature from Whoop: how to use

Whoop has enhanced its offerings during 2023, introducing several improvements to its app. A notable addition is the recently introduced “Weekly Plan” feature. Currently in Beta, it is designed to assist users in achieving their weekly goals.

This new functionality enables users to set and monitor goals related to sleep, strain, activities, and behaviors each week. Utilizing individual data, WHOOP provides personalized recommendations to help users reach these targets. This function serves as a supportive tool, guiding users toward their fitness and health goals while ensuring accountability.

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WHOOP is yet to officially announce this feature. But we noticed its appearance on our WHOOP app a few days ago. To see if you have access to this feature, ensure your app is updated to the latest version. Then, navigate to the “Plan” tab at the bottom of the app. If available, you will find a new tab labeled “My Week” at the top.

How to use “My Week”

Whoop is renowned for its ability to track strain and recovery, offering insightful daily suggestions for both. The introduction of the “Weekly Plan” feature shifts the focus to a broader timeframe – a full week. This allows users to set specific 7 day goals, with a variety of focus areas to choose from.

The “Create a Custom Plan” option is particularly versatile, enabling users to tailor goals to their unique circumstances and needs. Here are some of the targeted areas and their benefits:

  1. Strain: This option enables users to set a default strain target. For instance, you might aim to increase your Strain by 20% over the week while maintaining your average Sleep. The feature is customizable, allowing adjustments to suit your unique situation and goals.
  2. Prioritize Sleep: This plan is designed to enhance your Sleep quality. It analyzes your sleep history and suggests behaviors that promote better nightly rest. For example, it might recommend specific routines or habits that have been effective for you in the past.
  3. Vacation: Recognizing the importance of relaxation, this plan focuses on helping you unwind and enjoy a stress-free week. It’s a way to ensure you take time some much deserved time for rest and recuperation.
  4. Maintain: Unlike the Circadian rhythm feature, which emphasizes the importance of consistent sleep and wake times, the Maintain Weekly Plan aims for steady daily Sleep and Strain metrics. It’s about keeping to a consistent level of activity and rest each day.

Each of these plans is designed to support different aspects of wellness, whether it’s pushing for higher physical activity, ensuring quality rest, taking a break, or maintaining consistency in daily routines.

An example – how to set up the Whoop Prioritise Sleep Plan

In demonstrating the “Prioritize Sleep” plan from Whoop, let’s explore a practical example.

The app guides you through customizing your sleep goals. You have the option to set a daily sleep percentage goal. Alternatively, Whoop can determine this for you, based on your average sleep over the past 30 days. Additionally, you can tailor specific behaviors to enhance your sleep quality. For instance, you might choose to avoid working late or checking your phone in bed.

Moreover, the “Prioritize Sleep” plan integrates setting your Strain goals. This is crucial because your daily activity level directly impacts your sleep requirements. The plan also leverages data from your journal, identifying behaviors that have positively influenced your sleep in the past. Based on this information, you can set weekly Behavior Goals to further improve your sleep quality.

Here it is illustrated through screenshots.

Once your weekly plan is activated, you can monitor your progress through the “My Week” screen in the Whoop app. This feature offers flexibility, allowing you to modify your goals even mid-way through the week. If you decide to adjust your targets, the app’s charts and data will update retrospectively to reflect these changes.

Our takeaway

Setting weekly goals, as facilitated by Whoop’s new feature, offers several benefits. It encourages short-term focus and motivation, making larger objectives more manageable and less daunting. This timeframe is long enough to see meaningful progress in habits like sleep and physical activity, yet short enough to adjust strategies quickly if goals aren’t being met. Weekly goals also provide a structured approach to personal development.

We really like the new feature and the way it has been implemented. It’s a tool that many users will likely find beneficial for staying on track with their goals. Currently in Beta, this feature is gradually becoming available to more users. If you’re a Whoop user, it’s definitely worth checking to see if you have access to this new functionality, as it could significantly enhance your goal-setting and tracking experience.

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