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Garmin’s illuminated lineup: Every watch with the flashlight feature

Garmin’s flashlight feature is a shining example of practical innovation in wearable technology. This article delves into how it works, it’s usefulness, and compares it with other brands, highlighting the Garmin models that boast this illuminating feature.

Understanding Garmin’s flashlight feature

Garmin has ingeniously integrated a flashlight feature into some of their watches, transforming the face of the device into a beacon of light. It is something you don’t realise you need until you actually use it.

This feature is a practical tool that utilises the watch’s display to emit a bright, steady light, with some models offering adjustable brightness and strobe settings. Something like this is ideal for adventurers or anyone needing a quick light source. It’s an easier option that using your smartphone’s flashlight feature.

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Users can quickly activate or deactivate the flashlight by pressing the LIGHT key twice. The flashlight retains the last selected setting (excluding strobe and distress patterns) for convenience.

For general use, the flashlight settings are accessible via the Controls menu, where users can adjust brightness levels, switch to a red light for less intrusive illumination, and select from various strobe and distress light settings. These include options like Blink, Custom, Blitz, Beacon, Pulse, and a Distress Pattern that flashes in an emergency signal and displays emergency contact information (if configured in the Garmin Connect app).

Garmin Flashlight Feature

Additionally, there is customization of light modes for specific activities. For example, users can set the watch to automatically activate a strobe light when running after sunset. This feature is adjustable through the Activities & Apps settings, where users can choose the status (Off, After Sunset, On) and mode (Blink, Pulse, Beacon, Blitz, Cadence) of the flashlight strobe for different activities.

A beacon in the dark: Why Garmin’s flashlight stands out

The flashlight feature’s utility extends beyond mere convenience. In emergencies, its strobe setting can serve as a signaling device, while nighttime adventurers benefit from a hands-free light source, enhancing safety. This feature is especially useful for everyday tasks like navigating in low-light conditions, setting Garmin apart in a market where similar functionalities are rare in competitors like Apple and Samsung.

Comparing the market: Are other brands shining as bright?

While some wearable tech brands have dabbled in light-emitting features, Garmin’s dedicated flashlight functionality remains unique. Other major players in the smartwatch arena, such as Apple and Samsung, focus more on health and connectivity features, leaving Garmin to lead in this specific, practical innovation. This distinction underscores Garmin’s focus on outdoor and fitness-oriented features, catering to a specific segment of the wearable tech market.

Garmin Flashlight Feature
Image source: Garmin

The luminaries: Garmin watches with the flashlight feature

Garmin offers a variety of models equipped with the flashlight feature, each tailored to different lifestyles and activities. It all started with the Fenix 7X, but the list of devices has expanded quite a bit in recent years:

  • Epix 2 Pro Range: These watches are a boon for outdoor adventurers, combining GPS, mapping, and the flashlight feature for explorers and hikers.
  • Fenix 7 Pro Range & Fenix 7X: Built ruggedly, they cater to athletes with extensive fitness tracking and a reliable flashlight.
  • Marq (Golfer) Gen 2 Carbon Edition: Targeting golfers, this model combines specialized golfing features with the practical flashlight.
  • Instinct 2X Solar: Its solar charging capability keeps the flashlight powered, ideal for prolonged outdoor activities.
  • Enduro 2: Designed for endurance athletes, offering long battery life and advanced training features, along with the flashlight.
  • quatix 7 Pro: Perfect for marine activities, it provides nautical features and a flashlight for night-time maritime adventures.
  • tactix 7 AMOLED Edition: Focused on tactical operations, this model includes night vision compatibility and a robust flashlight.
  • D2 Mach 1 Pro: Aimed at aviators, it offers aviation-specific features and a cockpit-friendly flashlight.

Each model not only incorporates the flashlight but also caters to specific user needs, from sports and outdoor adventures to specialized activities like golfing, sailing, or aviation. This feature, unique among major wearable tech brands, highlights Garmin’s focus on functionality and user-centric design, setting a bright example in the industry.

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