Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265

Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265: running watch showdown

The recent launches of the Amazfit Cheetah Pro in June 2023 and the Garmin Forerunner 265 series in March 2023 have sparked lots of interest. This comparison provides a side-by-side look at these two prominent running smartwatches, highlighting their features, functionalities, and overall value proposition. Read on to find out what sets these models apart.

Key takeaways

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro stands out as a competitive option in running smartwatches. It offers a premium build, advanced GPS and AI coaching at an affordable price of about $300. In contrast, the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s target a broader audience with their detailed fitness and health tracking features, along with deeper sports performance metrics. Priced around $450, the Garmins are suitable for those seeking a wider array of high-end functionalities.

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Technical specs
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Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265: Hardware

Design & display

Both the Garmin and Amazfit sport a round shape, but they differ in build materials. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro features a robust titanium alloy bezel and a fiber-reinforced polymer middle frame, striking a balance between elegance and durability. That one just comes in a 47mm variant.

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In contrast, the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s opt for a fiber-reinforced polymer case with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 bezels, prioritizing resilience and toughness. You get a choice of sizes here. The regular comes in at 46mm, so quite comparable to the Amazfit. Furthermore there’s a 265s for those with small wrists. That one has a diameter of 42mm.

The Cheetah Pro is designed with two physical buttons, including a crown, which adds a touch of sophistication. The Garmin models, however, incorporate five physical buttons. Two are on the right, and three on the left. This might appeal to users who prefer more tactile control.

Display, colour choice, water-resistance

Regarding display, all models use AMOLED screens. But the Cheetah Pro’s screen is slightly larger at 1.45 inches compared to the 1.3 inch of the Forerunner 265 and the 1.1 inch of the 265s. This difference might impact the visibility and readability of the display.

In terms of color choices, the Cheetah Pro is available in a singular, classic Run Track Black, appealing to users who prefer a more traditional look. The Garmin models offer a wider range of colors. Their options include Black/Powder Gray, Whitestone/Tidal Blue, and more. This variety allows users to choose a watch that aligns with their personal style. All models boast a 5 ATM water resistance rating, ensuring they are equally equipped to handle water-related activities.

Sensor technology

Moving on to sensor technology, and each model comes equipped with lots of tech under the hood. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro is equipped with the BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor, supporting blood-oxygen monitoring, alongside standard sensors like an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometric altimeter, and ambient light sensor. Its GPS capabilities are enhanced with a circularly-polarized antenna and dual-band positioning, supporting six satellite systems for precise tracking. However, it lacks NFC capabilities, a feature present in both Garmin models. The Cheetah Pro compensates with a built-in speaker and microphone, expanding its functionality.

The Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s share similar sensor arrays. This includes a compass, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, thermometer, heart rate monitor, and Pulse OX sensor. Their GPS connectivity is robust, with support for multi-band GPS, ensuring accurate tracking in various environments. Both Garmin models include NFC for contactless payments, a convenient feature for users on the go.

Music storage is another highlight. Both the Amazfiit and Garmin offer this feature, which will be appealing to users who enjoy music during their workouts.

Battery life

When it comes to battery life, these devices perform well. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro boasts up to 14 days of usage in typical settings. This extends to 24 days in battery saver mode, and an impressive 45 days in clock mode. For those engaging in activities requiring continuous GPS usage, the Cheetah Pro can last up to 54 hours in power-saving GPS mode.

In contrast, the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s, while slightly less in duration, still provide substantial battery life. The Forerunner 265 offers up to 13 days in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours with GPS activated. The smaller 265s model slightly outperforms its counterpart in smartwatch mode with up to 15 days of battery life and up to 24 hours in GPS mode.

Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265: Technical specs

Here’s a comprehensive comparison table featuring the technical specifications of the Amazfit Cheetah Pro, Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s:

Amazfit Cheetah Pro
Garmin Forerunner 265
Garmin Forerunner 265s
Release Date
June 2023
March 2023
March 2023
Case Material
Titanium alloy bezel, Fiber-reinforced polymer middle frame
Fiber-reinforced polymer, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 bezel
Fiber-reinforced polymer, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 bezel
Number of Physical Buttons
2 (including the crown)
47 x 47 x 11.8mm
46.1 x 46.1 x 12.9mm
41.7 x 41.7 x 12.9mm
Display Type
480 x 480 pixels
416 x 416 pixels
360 x 360 pixels
Screen Size
1.45 inch
1.3 inch
1.1 inch
Weight (without strap)
34 grams
47 grams
39 grams
BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor, Acceleration, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic, Barometric altimeter, Ambient light
Compass, Barometric altimeter, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Heart rate, Pulse OX
Compass, Barometric altimeter, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Heart rate, Pulse OX
Circularly-polarized GPS antenna, Dual-band, 6 satellite systems
Built-in Speaker
Music Storage
Yes (2.3GB max)
Yes (up to 1000 songs)
Yes (up to 1000 songs)
WLAN 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth, ANT+, WiFi
Bluetooth, ANT+, WiFi
Cellular Connectivity
Battery Type
440 mAh
Battery Life
Up to 14 days (Typical), 24 days (Battery Saver), 45 days (Clock Mode), 7 days (Heavy Usage), 26-54 hours (GPS)
Up to 13 days (Smartwatch mode), 20 hours (GPS mode)
Up to 15 days (Smartwatch mode), 24 hours (GPS mode)
Operating System
Zepp OS 2.+
Run Track Black (Titanium Alloy Bezel)
Black/Powder Gray, Whitestone/Tidal Blue, Aqua/Black
Black/Amp Yellow, Whitestone/Neo Tropic, Light Pink/Whitestone
Typical RRP

Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265: Features

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro is designed with a focus on runners who appreciate a mix of elegance and advanced technology. It shines with its superior GPS tracking capabilities, thanks to its dual-band satellite technology. This feature ensures precise tracking of routes and distances, a crucial aspect for runners, especially in urban settings. The watch also includes some advanced performance metrics, offering insights similar to those found in Garmin watches, like VO2Max and Recovery Time assessments.

On the other hand, the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s are tailored more towards dedicated athletes who demand comprehensive fitness and health tracking. Known for their robust feature set, these models are a go-to for users who need detailed metrics and data for a variety of sports and activities.

The Garmin matches the Amazfit with its own impressive GPS capabilities. Heart rate measurements have also been improved as compared to its predecessor and you get the addition of heart rate variability (HRV) data. A standout feature of the Garmin series is the wrist-based running dynamics and the Training Readiness score, which offer in-depth analysis of running form and daily training readiness, a boon for athletes focused on optimizing their performance.

Smartwatch features

When it comes to smartwatch features, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro offers a few things. This includes music storage, smartphone notifications, and Alexa connectivity. These features makes it a versatile choice for users who want fitness tracking along with the conveniences of a smartwatch.

The Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s also pack certain smartwatch capabilities. This includes NFC for contactless payments, built-in music storage with support for popular streaming services, and a range of connectivity options. These features make the Garmin series particularly appealing for users who seek a seamless integration of their fitness and everyday digital life.

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Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265: Price

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro and the Garmin Forerunner 265 series present distinct value propositions that reflect their feature sets and target markets. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro, with its advanced GPS technology, AI coaching, and premium build, is priced at around $300. This positions it as a competitively priced option for those seeking high-end features without the top-tier price tag.

On the other hand, the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s, known for their comprehensive fitness tracking, health insights, and robust smartwatch capabilities, are priced at approximately $450 each. This higher price point is indicative of the Garmin brand’s reputation in the sports watch market and the extensive range of features and technologies these models offer.

Amazfit Cheetah Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 265: Final thoughts

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro, launched in June 2023, emerges as a strong contender in the realm of running smartwatches, especially for those who prioritize advanced GPS features and AI coaching at a more accessible price point of around $300. Its blend of style, functionality, and affordability makes it an attractive option for those who are mindful of budget constraints.

On the other hand, the Garmin Forerunner 265 and 265s, released in March 2023, cater to a more diverse audience with their comprehensive fitness tracking, health insights, and more in-depth sports performance metrics. Priced at approximately $450, these models are geared towards users who seek a more extensive range of functionalities and are willing to invest in a higher-end product.

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