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Garmin HRM-Fit is official, a new heart rate monitor for women

[article updated 8/1/2024]

Garmin has unveiled the HRM-Fit, a heart rate monitor designed specifically for women, at CES 2024. This release was accompanied by the introduction of Lily 2, another female-focused wearable device.

A heart rate monitor for women

The $150 HRM-Fit (check price on Garmin’s website), distinguishes itself in the company’s range with its specialized attention to women’s fitness requirements. It is designed for a snug fit, seamlessly connecting to sports bras with medium to high support using three anchor points, catering to a diverse range of body types. This thoughtful design guarantees both stability and comfort during vigorous exercise sessions. However, it’s important to note that retailers advise against using the HRM-Fit with longline, front zip, and light support bras.

Garmin HRM FIT

In terms of functionality, the HRM-Fit excels in providing accurate heart rate data. Much better as compared to what you’d get from something sitting on your wrist. The device supports advanced workout tracking, including metrics like vertical oscillations, ground contact time, and stride length. These features offer valuable insights for those keen on detailed running form analysis.

The HRM-Fit is designed for longevity, with a battery life of up to one year based on daily one-hour usage. A tool-free door is part of the design which makes changing your battery easy.

Garmin HRM FIT

Its water resistance up to 50 feet adds to its versatility, suitable for a range of exercise environments. The device’s technical aspects, including its 33.5 cm length, 53 g weight, are thoughtfully chosen to enhance user experience without adding bulk.

The HRM-Fit’s connectivity options, including ANT+ and Bluetooth, ensure it pairs effortlessly with compatible Garmin devices. This ease of synchronization, combined with its user-friendly battery replacement system, positions the HRM-Fit as a convenient and efficient tool for fitness tracking.

Garmin HRM FIT

Final word

Comparing the HRM-Fit to Garmin’s existing heart rate monitors, it’s clear that this new model brings a specialized approach. While models like the HRM-Tri and HRM-Run cater to triathletes and runners with specific metrics, the HRM-Fit is tailored for women seeking a comfortable, reliable heart rate monitor that integrates seamlessly into their fitness routine. Unlike its predecessors, the HRM-Fit’s design is specifically crafted to attach to sports bras, a feature not seen in other Garmin heart rate monitors.

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The HRM-Fit emerges as an important addition to Garmin’s heart rate monitor range. It addresses specific needs in women’s fitness tracking, blending comfort with advanced technology. As the tech world turns its eyes to CES 2024, the HRM-Fit is poised to become a favoured choice for women seeking a heart rate monitor that truly understands their fitness journey.

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