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Amazfit T-Rex Ultra update adds Pickleball & Padel, enhances Zepp Coach

The latest firmware update for the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra introduces exciting new features, including the addition of Pickleball and Padel to its sports modes and an enhanced Zepp Coach running plan with detailed performance metrics.

Launched in March 2023, the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra quickly made a mark with its robust look and advanced features. Designed for the adventurous and fitness-focused, this rugged smartwatch combines durability with cutting-edge technology, making it a top choice for outdoor adventurers.

The latest firmware update for the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, version, is rolling out now. It brings some new features and optimizations that further elevate the user experience.

Firmware update – – what’s new?

This update, with a file size of 18.1 MB, introduces the latest Zepp Coach running plan. This feature includes a Completion Rate and Confidence Level, offering users a more detailed and personalized running experience.

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In addition to the running enhancements, the update adds two new sports modes: Pickleball and Padel. These can be found under ‘Workout > More workouts > Ball workouts’, expanding the watch’s versatility for different types of athletes. For those who enjoy variety in their fitness routine, these additions are a welcome change.

The update also optimizes several key features. Users can now add real-time performance data to the real-time page for outdoor and track running, making it easier to monitor progress during workouts. The distance data for track running is now displayed in meters or yards, catering to a global audience. The strength training feature now supports weight settings in 0.5 kg increments, allowing for more precise adjustments.

Another notable enhancement is the improved display of personal records. The records are now categorized by type, covering running (outdoor, trail, and track), climbing (including hiking), and swimming (pool and open water). This categorization helps users track their progress more effectively in their preferred activities.

For those engaged in interval training, the update brings a practical improvement. When intervals are set by time, the watch now provides vibration and sound reminders during the last five seconds, helping users stay focused and on track.

Lastly, the update addresses and fixes several bugs, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience.

How to install

To install this update on your Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, ensure your watch is connected to the Zepp app. The update process is straightforward: open the Zepp app, go to ‘Profile’, select ‘Amazfit T-Rex Ultra’, and then tap on ‘Check for updates’. If the new firmware version is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it. Remember, it’s important to keep your watch charged during the update process to avoid interruptions. Also, this is a gradual rollout so may not reach everyone on the same day.

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