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Innovative fitness tracking meets superior sound in Mojawa HaptiFit Terra

Mojawa has unveiled the HaptiFit Terra bone conduction headphones at CES 2024. Designed specifically for runners, cyclists, and swimmers, these headphones represent a fusion of sound, fitness, and technology.

Bone conduction technology is the latest tech in the world of headphones. Unlike traditional headphones that transmit sound through the air into your ear canal, bone conduction headphones send vibrations directly through the bones of your skull to your inner ear. This method bypasses the eardrum, making it a safer alternative for prolonged use and keeping your ears open to ambient sounds – crucial for outdoor activities like running or cycling.

The convergence of music, AI, and haptic feedback

The HaptiFit Terra features a familiar neckband shape with over-the-ear hooks, a design choice typical for bone conduction headphones. However, Mojawa elevates the design by using a lightweight titanium alloy, ensuring both durability and comfort during intense physical activities. The headphones boast a IP68 rating, making them fully dust- and waterproof, ideal for all-weather runners and swimmers.

The HaptiFit Terra’s unique selling point is its integration of music playback with real-time, AI-powered workout feedback. Users receive real-time info on various fitness metrics like heart rate and calories burned through audio and haptic feedback.

Another interesting aspect is the intuitive control mechanism which comes in the form of panels covering the bone conduction transducers. Unlike traditional taps, users can press the controls, and the 3D sensors detect the pressure applied, offering haptic feedback akin to a physical button click. This feature enhances the user experience, making interactions more natural and responsive. These panels also feature illumination for safety during low-light conditions.

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra

For music lovers, the headphones offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless pairing with devices. Additionally, the HaptiFit Terra comes equipped with a substantial 32GB of onboard storage, providing ample space for music and playlists. This feature is particularly beneficial for swimmers or those who prefer to leave their phones behind.

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Battery life is crucial for any wearable device, and the HaptiFit Terra delivers with a claimed eight hours of usage on a single charge. Recharging is convenient and fast, taking only an hour via the included magnetic induction cable.

Complementing the headphones is the Mojawa app, which not only tracks workouts but also generates comprehensive workout plans. The app’s integration allows users to receive real-time audio and haptic feedback on heart rate, pace, step count, and calories burned.

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra

A Peek at another innovative product: Sennheiser Momentum Sport Earbuds

In a related development at CES 2024, the Sennheiser Momentum Sport Earbuds also garnered attention. These earbuds merge Sennheiser’s audio excellence with Polar’s fitness tracking expertise. They feature a semi-open design for natural ambient sound, active noise cancellation, and are equipped with sensors for heart rate and body temperature monitoring, offering a comprehensive fitness tracking experience.

The Mojawa HaptiFit Terra and Sennheiser Momentum Sport Earbuds are at the forefront of wearable tech, combining top-notch sound with advanced fitness tracking. As they evolve, they’re setting new benchmarks for audio devices in the fitness world.

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