Ultrahuman Vision is a web dashboard for all your data

Ultrahuman has announced Ultrahuman Vision. This is a web dashboard that acts as a central repository for all your health and fitness data.

The company sells a range of devices such as the M1 glucose sensor and a few smart ring offerings. We recently published our hands-on review of Ultrahuman Ring Air. This is a lightweight and durable device, offering advanced health and wellness tracking. It features heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, skin temperature sensing, and activity tracking, all within a sleek Titanium design. The ring’s unique features include a circadian clock and stimulant restriction window, enhancing its functionality. With a battery life of 4-6 days, the Ultrahuman Ring Air is a notable entry in the smart ring market.

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At CES 2024, the company also announced Ultrahuman Home. This is a device designed to monitor and improve the health of living spaces. It offers a unique blend of personal and environmental health tracking, focusing on factors like artificial light, air quality, humidity, and noise levels. Ultrahuman Home stands out as the first in the wearable space to correlate home environment data with individual lifestyle factors, such as sleep and stress, providing personalized recommendations for health improvement. The device’s advanced capabilities include monitoring the natural light spectrum, particulate matter levels, noise, humidity, and blue light exposure, along with a smoke sensor for enhanced safety.

A web dashboard for your data

All the data churned out by Ultrahuman devices sits in the Android or iOS smartphone app. Now the company has introduced a website dashboard. This elevates the user experience by offering a more comprehensive and detailed view of health data. This web-based platform allows for easier navigation and analysis of complex information, which can be cumbersome on a smaller smartphone screen.

Here are a few screenshots. The platform itself can be found on this link. Users with an existing account need to log in with the username and password they use for the smartphone app.

As can be seen, all data is clearly displayed and colour coded, with options for both day view and trend views. You can can zoom in on specific dates and customize the charts according to your preferences.

However, users must still sync the data from their devices to the smartphone app. Once done, the information makes its way to the cloud and becomes instalntly accessible on the web dashboard.

While not a monumental change, this addition is useful as it enhances the user experience. Those with an Ultrahuman smart ring can now view their health metrics on a larger screen, allowing for more in-depth analysis. The company has been active over the past year, and it appears they plan to continue in the same fashion in 2024.

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