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Amazfit GTR 4 embraces ZeppOS 3: A detailed look at the software

The Amazfit GTR 4, launched in October 2022, is currently undergoing a gradual rollout of the ZeppOS 3.0 update. This development is significant, as it brings the GTR 4 in line with the software capabilities of the Amazfit Balance, the first device to feature the new operating system. The rollout raises expectations among owners of other Amazfit watches for similar upgrades.

What ZeppOS 3.0 brings to the table

The bump up to ZeppOS 3.0 on the Amazfit GTR 4 introduces several new features and improvements. The update, which is approximately 214.38MB in size, brings a fresh design and improved interaction, focusing on enhancing sports and health features.

One of the notable changes is the revamped Control Center. Shortcut Cards, and Widgets, can now be edited with a long press. This allows for a more personalized and intuitive user interface. Additionally, the introduction of a “Grid View” for applications offers a fresh way to navigate and access apps, marking a departure from the traditional list style.

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The update also includes a new Button Mode. It utilizes the physical buttons for confirmation and navigation actions, which adds to the ease of use. System font optimization, including extended Emoji support, enriches the visual experience and communication capabilities of the device.

In terms of health and wellness features, the Breathe app now includes Relax, Sleeping, and Focus modes, catering to different user needs and situations. The Zepp Coach feature has been upgraded to support running training plans, incorporating AI-powered guidance for a tailored fitness experience.

Furthermore, the update brings enhancements to sports features, such as training templates and interval training, offering more structured workout options. Improved post-workout heart rate monitoring and real-time performance data provide deeper insights into fitness progress.

Connectivity to external workout devices like heart rate belts and cycling power meters has been improved. Additionally, more scale positions in Track navigation and support for more mini-programs and watch faces increase customization options, making the device more versatile and user-friendly.

GTR 4 Zepp OS 3

Installing the Amazfit GTR 4 ZeppOS 3.0 update

For owners of the Amazfit GTR 4, installing ZeppOS 3.0 is straightforward. It is recommended to use the watch’s Wi-Fi OTA function for a smooth update process. Users can navigate to the Watch Settings, select System, and then Check for Updates to initiate the installation. It’s advisable to keep the watch charged during the update process to ensure uninterrupted installation.

The upgrade of the Amazfit GTR 4 comes as a surprise for several reasons. More than a year has passed since the launch of the device. So expectations for it to receive such a significant software update were low. This is particularly true considering the release of several other Amazfit watches in the past year, all running on ZeppOS 2.

This is a gradual rollout so owners of the GTR 4 should start seeing it in the next few days. The release of the Amazfit Balance in September 2023, positioned as the natural successor to the GTR 4, lends a sense of logic to the decision to upgrade the GTR 4 to Zepp OS 3.

However, it still comes as an unexpected development. This sparks curiosity about which other Amazfit models might be next in line for similar updates. Zepp Health’s decision to upgrade the GTR 4 could be indicative of a new approach in their update policy, emphasizing a renewed dedication to improving and sustaining older models. In any case, it is a welcome development!

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