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Samsung Unpacks a surprise with Galaxy Ring teaser

At Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event yesterday, where the tech world anticipated the launch of the Galaxy Fit 3, a different kind of wearable stole the spotlight. Instead of the expected fitness tracker, the company teased its audience with a brief glimpse of the Galaxy Ring, announcing its foray into the smart ring segment. The device is expected to make its debut with a summer release date.

Design and features: A new form of wearable tech

Samsung did not reveal very much about the upcoming device. In fact it was a brief 45 second teaser which you can view below.

The Galaxy Ring appears to be a sleek and innovative addition to Samsung’s wearable tech lineup. As the video clip shows, it features three sensor bumps. These are likely for monitoring blood oxygen levels. The four small copper-looking pins are possibly used in the manufacturing process, rather than for any tracking functionality.

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The design of the device suggests a focus on health and wellness, with capabilities for heart rate monitoring, temperature sensing, and motion detection through internal accelerometers and gyros. However, the thing is unlikely to include GPS, considering its compact size. Instead it will most likely focus on recovery-type data. Smart rings are good at this sort of thing, and notoriously bad at tracking high-intensity exercise.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Ring will be available in up to 13 sizes and three finishes, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs. Among these finishes, ceramic and metal builds are expected, offering both durability and style.

Another brief teaser of the ring can be seen in Samsung’s promo video about Samsung Health. It appears around the 2:10 mark.

Samasung Glaxy Ring – release date this summer

Before its appearance at the Galaxy Unpacked event, the Galaxy Ring was subject to various rumours and speculations. The initial expectation that it might launch in January 2024 obviously didn’t pan out. The talk was that the ring might even include a ECG sensor, with the potential for controlling smart devices through gestures. The device was reportedly said to be in development and prototype testing. However, regulatory processes may have delayed its launch.

While the exact release date remains unconfirmed, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is anticipated to hit the market in the summer in July or August, possibly alongside Samsung’s regular release of new watches. The company’s strategy seems to be less about the standalone product and more about integrating customers into their broader ecosystem of devices and services.

Smart rings offer distinct advantages over traditional wrist-worn devices. They are typically more durable and provide closer skin contact for accurate health tracking. Their discreet design, lacking a screen, allows for extended battery life, making them a convenient alternative to smartwatches.

This development aligns with the industry’s trend towards diverse health monitoring form factors, transitioning from fitness bands to smartwatches and now, smart rings. In the future, we might even see this technology in smart clothing or ingestible health monitors.

At CES 2024 we got news of Zepp Health’s foray into the smart ring market with the Amazfit Hello Ring. Now we have another big wearable tech manufacturer taking the plunge.

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