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Amazfit Balance ushers in ZeppOS 3.5 with Zepp Flow assistant

The Amazfit Balance smartwatch has once again taken the lead in the Zepp Health lineup by being the first to receive the ZeppOS 3.5 update. This new software introduces an intelligent conversation engine known as the Zepp Flow assistant. The new feature is comparable to Siri on the Apple Watch or Google Assistant for WearOS.

The timepiece was introduced in September 2023, marking it as the only device in the Amazfit range equipped with ZeppOS 3 at that time. More recently, this software has been rolled out to the GTR 4.

Now, a software upgrade is heading out, which updates the Amazfit Balance operating system to a newer version.

Zepp Flow assistant: Better smartwatch interaction

At the heart of ZeppOS 3.5 is something called Zepp Flow. This is an intelligent conversation engine designed to improve the way users interact with their smartwatches.

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Zepp Flow stands out by enabling natural language interactions, allowing users to control watch functions and access information. Whether it’s inquiring about fitness data, checking the weather, or controlling music, Zepp Flow understands and executes your commands.

Activating Zepp Flow

Zepp Flow can be activated in two straightforward ways, ensuring that users can access its features quickly and easily:

  1. Users can activate Zepp Flow by a long press on the smartwatch’s physical button. For first-time use, simply tap the “Set” button to enable “Wake on long press” through the watch settings. This method is designed for convenience. You will hear a “drop” sound indicating that the assistant is ready to listen.
  2. Another way to engage with Zepp Flow is by tapping its icon from the app view. This method is equally user-friendly, with a prompt that appears saying “I’m listening,” inviting users to speak their commands.

Capabilities of Zepp Flow

Zepp Flow’s capabilities are extensive, covering health data monitoring, workout initiation, music control, system settings adjustments, and app navigation. Here’s a closer look at what Zepp Flow can do:

  • Health data monitoring: Zepp Flow allows users to inquire about various health metrics directly from their wrist. Commands like “Check my heart rate,” “Measure my current body composition,” or “What’s my readiness for today?” provide instant access to vital health information.
  • Workout initiation: Starting a workout is as simple as saying the command. Whether it’s “Start my Strength training exercise” or “Go Outdoor Cycling,” Zepp Flow makes beginning a fitness routine seamless.
  • Music control: Zepp Flow enhances the music listening experience by offering voice commands for playback control. Users can play music, skip tracks, or set the playback mode without having to navigate through their watch manually.
  • System settings control: Adjusting system settings such as volume, screen brightness, or even setting the watch language can be done verbally. Commands like “Increase the volume to 50%” or “Set the language on my watch to Spanish” highlight the assistant’s versatility.
  • App navigation: Zepp Flow simplifies accessing apps on the Amazfit Balance. Users can open any app by stating its name, making navigation quick and straightforward.

Beyond Zepp Flow: Comprehensive upgrades

The ZeppOS 3.5 update brings a suite of other enhancements that cater to a wide range of user needs:

  • Offline maps and ski resort navigation: Users can now download maps directly to their Amazfit Balance, including specialized maps for ski resorts. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts, providing valuable information when skiing or navigating unfamiliar areas.
  • Sync image messages: The update allows for image messages from apps like WhatsApp to be synced to the watch, enhancing connectivity and ensuring users stay informed without needing to check their phones constantly.
  • Improved health and fitness tracking: Enhancements to the breathing training results page, including heart rate and stress data charts, offer a more comprehensive view of training effectiveness. The meditation feature also benefits from added heart rate and stress monitoring.
  • Readiness monitoring: With the option to monitor readiness at a 5-minute frequency, users can gain better insights into their physical condition, helping them optimize their fitness routines and recovery strategies.
  • Optimizations for accuracy and usability: The update improves the accuracy of heart rate monitoring and optimizes the body composition algorithm model. It also enhances the functionality of schedules, tasks, and alarms, making the smartwatch more reliable and user-friendly.

Looking forward

While Zepp Flow is currently exclusive to the US and Canada, its potential for wider availability suggests an exciting future for Amazfit Balance users around the globe. It’s likely that other Amazfit watches will soon embrace this update, with the GTR 4, already operating on ZeppOS 3, expected to be among the first to receive it.

Zepp Health has been consistently releasing a series of software updates in recent months, a positive development indicating their commitment to refining the software rather than rushing to release new hardware. This approach ensures users benefit from enhanced functionality and a better overall experience with their devices.

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