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Samsung showcases Galaxy Ring, AI health features, & more at MWC

Samsung is taking health tracking to the next level at Mobile World Congress (MWC) with the unveiling of Galaxy Ring. The device makes its debut alongside a suite of intelligent health features.

The Galaxy Ring: Reimagining health tracking

At the heart of Samsung’s health lineup at MWC is the Galaxy Ring. This is a pioneering wearable that was briefly teased earlier this year at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

This innovative device is designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life, offering a new way to engage with Samsung’s Health platform. It embodies the concept of wearable technology that doesn’t just track health metrics but does so in a way that’s both unobtrusive and intuitive.

The ring features three protruding sensors, which are presumably equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes to facilitate heart rate monitoring, temperature measurement, and motion tracking. Given its small form factor, it’s likely that GPS functionality has been excluded, with a greater emphasis placed on gathering recovery-related metrics—a domain where smart rings typically shine.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Users can anticipate detailed insights into their sleep patterns, heart rate, step count, and breathing rhythms. The Galaxy Ring is anticipated to be available in as many as 13 sizes and three different finishes, such as ceramic and metal, catering to a wide range of tastes.

When it launches this Summer, the ring will only be compatible with Galaxy smartphones. However, Samsung plans to expand compatibility soon after to other Android phones and iOS devices.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

AI-powered health insights

Samsung will also showcase a range of upcoming intelligent health features designed to empower users. The My Vitality Score leverages a holistic approach. It utilizes data from sleep patterns, activity levels, and heart rate variability to generate personalized health insights. To us it sounds something like a Recovery Score that is available on Garmin watches and Whoop. Samsung will also introduce something called the Booster Card. This aims to transform daily wellness by tracking predefined goals and offering actionable recommendations to foster healthier habits.

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The company’s vision for seamless wellness extends beyond wearables and into the home environment. By harnessing the power of the SmartThings ecosystem, Samsung demonstrates how connected devices can transform living spaces into health hubs. Features like smart lighting integration for optimized sleep and medication reminders demonstrate the ease with which the home can support healthier living. The ability to track workouts and monitor vitals in real-time while following fitness videos on a connected TV further reinforces this holistic approach.

MWC as a launchpad

MWC serves as a platform for Samsung to preview its health innovations prior to broader public availability. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the benefits of these new features on the Galaxy Watch 6 series paired with the Galaxy S24. By marrying wearables like the Galaxy Ring with AI-powered features and smart home integration, the company is stepping up its approach to wellness.


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