Xiaomi Watch S3: Master of disguise for every occasion goes global

Xiaomi’s known for offering excellent value in its wearables, but the new Watch S3 takes things a step further. It introduces an innovative design element – interchangeable bezels – while packing in health tracking features, a surprisingly long battery life, and some hidden tech gems.

The art of transformation

Forget boring watch faces – the Xiaomi Watch S3 is all about physical customization. With a simple twist, you can swap between included bezels (Chrome Yellow, Ocean Blue, Dual-tone Ceramic, and Rainbow) for a completely different look. Each bezel change triggers a unique watch face, taking personalization to another level. Plus, the 1.43-inch AMOLED display is gorgeous, boasting a 326 PPI resolution and 600 nits of brightness for outdoor visibility.

Brains and beauty: The tech beneath the surface

The Watch S3 isn’t just a pretty face. Xiaomi’s HyperOS delivers a snappy experience. Navigation is fluid, and Xiaomi’s done a great job unifying the icon interface for an intuitive feel. Syncing with compatible smartphones is a breeze (Android 8.0+ and iOS 12.0+) thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, further enhancing the ecosystem experience.

The battery is a standout – a 486 mAh cell promises up to 15 days on a charge! Even a quick 5-minute top-up can power you through two days, ensuring the Watch S3 is a reliable companion.

Xiaomi Watch S3
Image source: Xiaomi

Your fitness pal: Sensors and algorithms

With over 150 sports modes, including new winter sports tracking, the Watch S3 has most bases covered. Dual-band L1+L5 GNSS ensures accuracy outdoors, ideal for skiers and trail enthusiasts. It packs a heart rate sensor (with blood oxygen), accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, atmospheric sensor, and an ambient light sensor, providing comprehensive data collection.

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Xiaomi leverages this data with algorithms for maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), training load, recovery analysis, and more, giving serious athletes valuable insights. But you don’t have to be a pro to benefit. It includes 10 beginner-friendly running courses to help with endurance and fat burning. Plus, sleep tracking with a fun sleep animal analysis offers holistic health insights.

The one-hand wonder

In a unique touch, the Watch S3 offers gesture controls for one-handed operation! A flick of your wrist can take photos, check the weather, and more. Perfect when your other hand is full or you’re in the middle of a workout. It also supports Bluetooth calling, expanding its feature set.

Price and availability

If you want a smartwatch packed with tech, long-lasting, and genuinely customizable, this seems like an interesting candidate. The interchangeable bezels are a plus for those who like variety. The health tracking features and sensors rival pricier competitors, and its starting price in Europe at 149 euros (around $160) makes it incredibly tempting.

You can pick it up in a choice between classic black or silver. Check it out on Xiaomi’s website. And keep an eye out for our review of the device, to come in the weeks ahead!

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