RingConn smart ring gets Exercise Mode with GPS tracking & more

RingConn has released into the wild app version 2.3.0. It brings a dedicated Exercise Mode, a badge system and multi-language support.

The software has been in Beta testing for a while now, but has made it to public release earlier today. Both the iOS and Android version of the app have been updated.

RingConn app v.2.3.0: What has changed

Let’s get the less exciting updates out of the way first.

The newly introduced Badge System allows you to celebrate each health and fitness milestone. Many people find this sort of motivation encourages them to make positive improvements in their lifestyle.

Furthermore, the app is now available in additional languages. Beyond English, settings now include German, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. This enhancement opens doors to a global community, enabling seamless connection, engagement, and exploration.

Exercise Mode finally arrives

For us, the most exciting update is the Exercise Mode. In our review of RingConn we noted that while it is great for recovery-type stats, it’s accuracy trails when it comes to tracking high intensity activity. This is a common issue with smart rings – most likely due to the difficulty in accurately capturing heart rate when you hands are moving.

Another limitation of smart rings is that their heart rate sampling rate is not as high as what you’ll find in smartwatches. This is done to preserve battery life. Presumably, when you activate exercise mode on RingConn the sampling rate will be higher. This should enhance accuracy.

Another thing activating Exercise Mode does is – it taps into your smartphone’s GPS signal. Which should result in much more accurate distance tracking.

When you update your app to version 2.3.0 you will notice a yellow circular icon in the bottom right corner. Tap on that and you’ll be presented with a choice between Outdoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Running and Outdoor Cycling. Only the first of these is activated at the moment, with others coming soon.

Tap on Outdoor Running and a short countdown will commence. After that the app will begin detailed tracking of your exercise as shown in the screen-shots below.

It’s worth noting, you need to have your phone with you when running in order for the GPS to track your distance. You will also be able to see a real-time readout in the app of your heart rate. Post run, a map of your run will show in the app. And you can save the exercise record and share it with others.

Looking forward

These are certainly positive changes which should further enhance RingConn as a wellness and fitness tracking device. In our hands-on review, we note that this is amongst the best smart rings on the market. Plus there’s no monthly subscription so what you pay is what you get. And you get a lot.

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As hinted earlier this year, further changes are coming. RingConn will get sleep apnea detection and the company is set to secure FDA approval for the pulse oximeter and OSAHS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome) monitoring features by the end of 2024. They have also said that blood pressure tracking will come at some stage. But we do not have an exact timeline for that.

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