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WIZPR Ring: A smart ring that lets you chat with AI assistants

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The smart ring market is booming, with notable launches like RingConn, Ultrahuman Ring Air, the anticipated Amazfit Helio by Zepp Health, and the Samsung Galaxy Ring. These devices focus on health and wellness tracking. Just launched on Kickstarter, the WIZPR Ring takes a different approach. It focuses on communication and interaction with AI assistants. A bit like having ChatGPT at your fingertips.

WIZPR Ring: Whispering to your AI assistant

An Innovation Award Honoree at CES 2024, the device stands out with its promise of seamless interaction. Users can simply bring the ring close to their mouth and whisper their command (hence the name), eliminating the need for wake words or the hassle of navigating through their phones. This not only saves time but also enhances the user experience by making technology more accessible and intuitive. The ring’s built-in microphone is designed to respond instantly, offering faster interaction than traditional devices.

WHSP ring

The WIZPR Ring smartphone app acts as an intermediary that converts voice commands to text and forwards them to AI engines. You will hear the AI response through connected earphones.

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Moreover, the WIZPR Ring is not limited to simple commands. It acts as a personal assistant, capable of handling a variety of tasks from setting reminders and checking the weather to controlling smart home devices.

Its ability to engage with AI models like ChatGPT ensures that responses are not only quick but also feel natural and human-like. This feature is particularly appealing as it transforms the ring into a digital companion, capable of providing information, entertainment, and even emotional support.

Innovative features and practicality

Beyond its voice interaction capabilities, the WIZPR Ring is designed with user convenience in mind. It offers an SOS mode for emergency situations, speech-to-text typing for efficient communication, and compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms.

The battery life of the thing is impressive. You can expect to get 10 hours of continuous voice input or idle time of around 66 hours. There’s a charging case that provides an additional 60 hours of power.

Additionally, you can pick from different size options. The ring’s design is sleek and stylish, and it looks like it would be comfortable to wear.

WHSP ring

Overall, the WIZPR Ring is a promising new product that will offer something different in the smart ring space. With its unique features it could be useful for anyone who wants to stay connected and productive on the go.

As mentioned, the ring is still in development. But the company is offering backers the opportunity to get first bids. The expected retail price is $299, but “super early birds” are able to get it for $139 on Kickstarter.

Price: $139 and up

Funds raised: $34,297 out of $10,000 goal.

Estimated delivery: July 2024
54 days to go

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