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FCC greenlights Amazfit Helio Ring, launch expected soon

The Amazfit Helio Ring has received, today, the stamp of approval form the FCC. This suggests its release may be around the corner.

Certain electronic devices need FCC approval to ensure they don’t interfere with radio signals and disrupt communication systems. It is a prerequisite before their launch in the United States. Helio Ring has now secured this. The confidentiality clause on the FCC documentation runs out within 180 days of the Grant Date. But we expect that the Spring launch data Zepp Health teased is still on the cards.

Amazfit Helio ring FCC

The ring was first unveiled in the bustling halls of CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This is Zepp Health’s first entry in this space. The Helio Ring is designed to be a strategic tool for athletes who are serious about taking their performance to the next level through optimized recovery.

The debut of the Amazfit Helio Ring is a significant milestone. It represents the first foray of a major smartwatch player into the realm of smart rings. Muse Wearables has previously bridged this gap, offering both smartwatches and a smart ring that sync with a unified app. However, their market presence pales in comparison to the impact and reach of a brand like Zepp Health. Samsung will follow soon after with their Galaxy Ring.

Amazfit Helio ring – a device tailored for athletes

The Amazfit Helio Ring diverges from the typical smart ring path. While most are designed as sleep trackers for the general public, the Helio Ring targets athletes who understand that recovery is as crucial as training. This smart ring provides detailed insights into both mental and physical conditions. It offers a level of monitoring accuracy that only a finger-worn device can achieve.

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The ring’s ability to be both worn complementary to an Amazfit smartwatch or independently highlights its versatility. Data from both devices, when used together, is fused for even deeper analysis in the Zepp App, making it much more than a mere accessory.

Amazfit Helio ring

At only 2.6mm thickness, the size 10 ring weighs 3.8g while the size 12 ring weighs 4g. So its lighter than many other smart rings on the market. Additionally, the ring is crafted from a durable titanium alloy material, capable of enduring intense physical activities. And is tested for a 10 ATM water-resistance grade. This means it can endure the equivalent of up to 100 meters of water pressure.

Unique health features

The standout feature of the Helio Ring is how it turns detailed health data into a simple to understand metric. When you wear the ring overnight, it keeps track of your sleeping heart rate, HRV, your breathing, and body temperature. After you wake up, the Zepp App combines this sleep data with your activity from the previous day to create the Readiness score. This score helps athletes easily decide whether they should train hard or take time to recover, helping them plan their workouts more effectively.

The device also offers thorough sleep and recovery tracking, including detailed analysis of sleep quality, the four stages of sleep, and the quality of sleep breathing. Additionally, it features EDA emotional monitoring. This function monitors physical signs such as hand sweat, which can indicate emotional stress affecting the body. At the moment it is unclear whether the feature will be ready in time for launch, or if it will be enabled at a later date via a firmware update.

Fitness features

Athletes have the option to activate specific sports modes such as Running, Walking, Cycling, and Treadmill directly via the Zepp App. The ring diligently captures various activity metrics including steps taken, calories expended, heart rate, and distance covered, all of which are recorded in the Zepp App for later analysis. However, there’s no built-in GPS.

The device employs the advanced PeakBeat algorithm to deliver specialized workout insights like VO2 Max, Training Load, and Training Effect. Furthermore, the ring assesses cardiovascular health by monitoring the time it takes for the heart rate to normalize in the three minutes post-exercise. It also offers Race Achievement Predictions for distances ranging from 3KM to a full marathon, allowing athletes to gauge their performance against their set objectives.

Many athletes value a sense of community, or even may want to compare their performance to others. From the Zepp App, workout data can be shared to popular fitness apps like Strava, adidas Running, komoot, Relive, Google Fit, and Apple Health. The Zepp Fitness Membership offers detailed weekly and monthly fitness reports, and access to a sports-focused AI chatbot, enhancing the community aspect and providing a more comprehensive fitness analysis.

Amazfit Helio Ring: Technical specs

3.8-4 grams depending on size.
2.6 mm
Skin-friendly Titanium Alloy.
Water Resistance
10 ATM (Resistant up to 100 meters depth).
Battery Life
Up to 5 days (based on current testing, subject to final results).
No GPS functionality.
Health Monitoring
Mental & physical readiness analysis, in-depth sleep tracking, EDA (Electrodermal Activity) for emotional stress monitoring.
Fitness Features
Supports sports modes like running, walking, cycling, treadmill. Tracks step count, calories burned, heart rate, distance. PeakBeat algorithm for workout data (VO2 Max, Training Load, Training Effect). Race achievement predictions.
Compatible with popular fitness apps (Strava, adidas Running, komoot, Relive, Google Fit, Apple Health).
Additional Features
AI-powered soundscapes for sleep improvement (Zepp Aura service), access to Zepp Fitness Membership and AI chatbot (subscription service).

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