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Mark Zuckerberg’s Garmin: Tech titan prioritises fitness data over flash

The CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has always balanced his tech empire with a surprising dedication to fitness. His recent 5K performance, despite a recent ACL injury, once again highlights his commitment to running. And while Zuckerberg’s accomplishments are impressive, so is his seemingly simple choice of wearable tech – a seemingly ordinary Garmin watch.

Zuckerberg’s running comeback

A few days ago, the 39 year old Zuckerberg completed the Stanford Medicine My Heart Counts 5K in a respectable 21:02. This marked his second year participating in the race, having clocked an impressive 19:34 in 2023. This year’s time, while a bit slower, highlights his remarkable dedication to fitness even while recovering from a significant ACL injury sustained during MMA training.

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Zuckerberg seems to have inherited running genes. It’s worth noting that his sister Randi is an avid marathon runner. In fact she managed to complete both the Boston and London marathon in the same year. Not an easy feat considering the two are just 6 days apart!

The Garmin connection

A closer look at Zuckerberg’s wrist reveals what appears to be an older model, likely the Garmin Forerunner 945 – a watch released back in 2019. This is a fascinating choice for a man with unlimited resources at his disposal. Garmin’s reputation for reliable fitness tracking likely appeals to Zuckerberg’s tech-savvy nature and focus on data-driven results.

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In contrast, Joe Rogan, the controversial podcast host and fitness advocate, opts for the Garmin Fenix 7. This rugged, feature-packed smartwatch offers advanced metrics and a long-lasting battery – appealing to Rogan’s adventurous lifestyle and demanding fitness regime.

Interestingly, Rogan’s timepiece reveals a Vo2Max of 40. Which is surprisingly average.

The everyman tech appeal

The Meta CEO’s choice of a relatively accessible Garmin watch carries a certain everyman charm. It subtly reinforces the idea that fitness success isn’t necessarily dependent on owning the latest, most expensive gadgets. Surprisingly, he didn’t even opt to upgrade to the Forerunner 955, which was released around 2 years ago. For the average fitness buff, this can be both reassuring and inspiring.

While the comparison with figures like Joe Rogan highlights differing priorities in wearable tech, Zuckerberg’s story ultimately puts a spotlight on the importance of finding what works for you on your fitness journey. You don’t, necessarily, need to fork out for the most expensive gadget.

Meta’s foray into wearable technology

Meta’s foray into wearable technology has seen setbacks and shifting priorities. Initially, the company invested heavily in a smartwatch project featuring dual cameras, aiming to offer unique integration with its social platforms. However, in November 2022, reports surfaced that Meta had abandoned this ambitious endeavor, likely due to technical challenges and a desire to align with the company’s growing focus on the metaverse.

Since then, Meta has pivoted towards developing augmented reality (AR) smart glasses, believing them to be the next significant computing platform. However, rumors suggest the company might not have entirely given up on smartwatches. In early 2023, reports emerged of a potential Meta smartwatch focusing on health, fitness, and messaging. Reportedly due for release in 2027, it may adopt a less feature-heavy approach compared to the company’s previous attempt.

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