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Polar Enters B2B health market with display-free Polar 360

Is Polar’s new Polar 360 a potential Whoop competitor? This display-free fitness band targets businesses with raw health data access and a developer kit.

First spotted on Reddit, this is an intriguing new product from the company. The Polar 360 fitness band breaks the mould, offering a unique set of features and a clear focus on the business-to-business (B2B) market.

A display-free fitness tracker?

What first grips attention is is the absence of a display on the Polar 360. This minimalist design choice sets it apart from the recent crop of fitness wearables. 

As can be seen from the images, the ultra-lightweight 13-gram band prioritizes comfort and seamless data collection. Its 3 ATM water resistance makes it suitable for various activities.

Despite lacking a screen, the Polar 360 packs a punch. Powered by Polar’s renowned Precision Prime technology, users can expect accurate heart rate tracking. Additionally, it monitors standard metrics like steps and calories, alongside advanced sleep tracking for light, deep, and REM sleep analysis. This focus on recovery metrics aligns with current health trends, as businesses increasingly recognize the value of rested and healthy employees.

With a perfectly decent 5-day battery life, the Polar 360 is designed to be a low-maintenance wearable solution for health tracking.

Polar 360

The business angle

Where the Polar 360 really diverges from consumer wearables is its software developer kit (SDK). This SDK offers developers the ability to access and work with raw data directly from the device. Companies can use this data for several purposes:

  • Branded Health Apps: Businesses can create custom-branded health apps tailored to their employee wellness programs, using the real-time data from Polar 360.
  • Polar Flow Integration: The SDK also enables integration with Polar’s existing Flow platform without the need for app development. This gives companies access to Polar’s established health analytics and insights.

A potential Whoop competitor?

Now where have we seen a display-free fitness band? Oh, that’s right – the Polar 360’s positioning inevitably draws comparisons to Whoop, a subscription-based fitness tracker known for its emphasis on in-depth recovery metrics. 

Like Whoop, the lack of a display suggests a focus on continuous, unobtrusive data collection. In fact, the device seems to blend elements of the Polar Very Sense heart rate band and Whoop. 

It’s entirely possible Polar will leverage a derivative of this product as a direct Whoop competitor – a display-free wrist-worn device focused on detailed activity and recovery tracking. It would make sense. Currently, Whoop stands relatively unchallenged in this niche.

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And while Whoop targets both individuals and teams, Polar’s current emphasis appears to be entirely geared towards business users. It will be intriguing to see if Polar aims to make a shift in this strategy – and directly challenge Whoop in the consumer market.

Source: Polar via Reddit

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