July 24th is the date: Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 launch & Watch X rumours

The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series is all over the news in recent days. Now new information has surfaced about its launch date and the potential of a rugged “Galaxy Watch X.”

Launch date reportedly set for July 24th

The latest info comes from inside sources speaking to the Greek website TechManiacs.gr. Samsung has, apparently locked in July 24th as the official launch date for its next-generation smartwatch lineup. This contradicts earlier reports suggesting a July 10th release.

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The series is expected to consist of three models. This includes the standard Galaxy Watch 7, the Galaxy Watch 7 FE (Fan Edition), and the high-end Galaxy Watch Ultra. The last on this list might actually be rebranded as the “Galaxy Watch X.”

Galaxy Watch X: Samsung’s rugged answer to Apple Watch Ultra

The Galaxy Watch X will reportedly be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s popular Watch Ultra. It will target outdoor adventurers and those who demand durability from their wearables.

Recent leaks reveal its striking design with a square frame encasing a traditional circular display and rotating bezel. A notable addition is a third physical button, potentially a rotating crown. It will offer customisable functions like the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button.

The Galaxy Watch X is said to boast a water resistance rating of 100 meters (330 feet). The Apple Watch Ultra also offers this feature. Its water resistance makes it an attractive option for water sports and activities.

Reports suggest the Watch X will feature a significantly improved battery life of up to 100 hours (approximately 4 days). That means it will far surpass the battery life of its predecessors and even the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The Watch X will sport a larger 578mAh battery, compared to the 425mAh battery in the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and the 573mAh battery in the Watch 5 Pro.

The new and improved Exynos W1000 chip will power everything. This promises enhanced performance.

The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, or Watch X, is expected to measure 47 x 47.4 x 16.4 mm. This makes it only slightly larger than the Watch 6 Classic. The device will feature a 1.5-inch circular display, the same size as the Watch 6 Classic, ensuring ample screen real estate.

As the launch date approaches, excitement continues to build for Samsung’s next generation of smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch X, in particular, holds promise as a rugged and feature-packed wearable, potentially challenging the Apple Watch Ultra. Also expected is the company’s foray into the smart ring market – most likely also on July 24th. Stay tuned for further updates in the weeks ahead

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