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Galaxy Ring gets FCC approval: 9 sizes, charging cradle & July debut?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is inching closer to reality. This is further evidenced by a recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  The filing confirms nine sizes, a charging cradle, battery capacities, and more.

Now, there have been images released of the device by Samsung. Quite a few of them, actually. What’s interesting about the FCC images is that are that they are the first to be released by a third party.

For those not in the know, the FCC is responsible for regulating radio frequency devices to ensure they meet safety and interference standards before entering the US market. The FCC must approve certain products before companies can sell them in the US.

While not high-resolution, the pics confirm a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, consistent with previously available information.

The FCC has listed the Galaxy Ring, identified as “A3LSMQ503,” in various sizes to accommodate different finger sizes:size 10 (SM-Q500), size 11 (SM-Q501), size 12 (SM-Q502), size 5 (SM-Q505), size 6 (SM-Q506), size 7 (SM-Q507),size 8 (SM-Q508), and size 9 (SM-Q509).

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The FCC filing also sheds light on the battery capacity of each model: sizes 5-7 will feature a 17mAh battery, sizes 8-11 will boast an 18.5mAh battery, and the size 12 will have a 22.5mAh capacity battery. While the capacities may seem small, they are likely sufficient for a ring-shaped wearable. Probably enough for about a week between charges. The filing also mentions a “charging cradle,” suggesting a convenient solution for topping up.

A July 24th release date?

The information revealed in the FCC filing largely aligns with what was already known and speculated. However, the official documentation adds a layer of legitimacy and confirms Samsung’s active development of their first entry in the smart ring space.

Samsung will likely unveil the Galaxy Ring alongside its Galaxy Watch 7 series. Recent reports suggest a potential launch date of July 24th. The company plans to release three smartwatch models. This includes the standard Watch 7, the Watch 7 FE, and the rugged Galaxy Watch X (or potentially the Galaxy Watch Ultra). Samsung designed this device to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra. It will feature a unique design (not quite square, but not quite round…), water resistance up to 100 meters, a longer battery life of up to 100 hours, and a powerful Exynos W1000 chip.

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