Xiaomi Watch S3: A “Pro” model hinted at by 3C listing

Xiaomi may soon unveil a new addition to its popular Watch S3 smartwatch lineup. Evidence for this comes from a recent 3C certification listing in China, often a precursor to official product launches. While the exact name remains under wraps, our guess is that there could be a potential “Watch S3 Pro” model in the works, boasting enhanced features and faster charging capabilities.

In China, the 3C (China Compulsory Certification) mark signifies that a product meets specific national safety and quality standards. This certification is mandatory for a wide range of products, including electronics like smartwatches, before they can be sold in the Chinese market. Obtaining 3C certification is often a strong indicator that a product launch will follow in the near future.

New Xiaomi Watch S3 model – perhaps the S3 Pro?

The 3C filing lists the model number M2312W1 and highlights an upgrade: support for 10W charging. This could address a complaint from users of the current Xiaomi Watch S3, where charging speed was a minor drawback. Additional details about other potential features or design changes remain scarce at this point.

But you can see a screenshot of the listing below. The “Pro” version is not listed by name. The S3 was released only a few months ago so it is unlikely to be S4. Xiaomi has had “Pro” versions of some watches in its range before, so it might be the case that we will be getting another one.

Xiaomi Watch 3C

Key strengths of the Xiaomi Watch S3

The current Xiaomi Watch S3 has carved a niche for itself as a stylish and functional fitness watch. It is not aiming to be a full-fledged smartwatch, rather something that successfully caters to both fashion-conscious individuals and fitness aficionados. 

As noted in our hands-on review, its key strengths include a unique design focus with easily interchangeable bezels and extensive watch face options, allowing for a high degree of personalization. Additionally, the watch’s premium build, comfortable fit, reliable GPS tracking, and accurate heart rate monitoring all work to its benefit.

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The new model’s 3C certification, along with the revelation of faster charging, is interesting. Although details about other potential features or design changes remain under wraps, the 3C certification serves as a reliable indicator that an official announcement from Xiaomi may be forthcoming. As they say, watch this space.

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