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Garmin Dive App: Certifications & badges now included

Garmin has just rolled out a useful update to their Garmin Dive app, much to the delight of the diving community. This update, aimed at streamlining the diving experience, introduces two key features: the ability to store dive certifications and earn dive badges.

For those not in the know, the Garmin Dive app is designed specifically for logging and sharing dives, while Garmin Connect is a more general fitness app. Garmin Dive allows users to log dives manually or by pairing with a Descent dive computer. Users can also track gear used on dives, explore a database of dive sites, and share photos of dives on social media. Garmin Connect, on the other hand, is for a wider range of fitness activities and does not have the same depth of features specific to scuba activities.

Dive certifications at your fingertips

This latest software update introduces some useful functionality to the Dive app.

Previously, divers had to rely on physical cards or digital copies stored elsewhere to provide proof of their certification. Now, with the updated Garmin Dive app (version 2.17.1 or later), divers can conveniently store their certifications directly within the app, accessible under the “You” tab. This not only eliminates the need for physical documentation but also provides a centralised location for managing dive qualifications.

As can be seen from the screenshot below, the range of certifications that you can add is quite comprehensive.

Garmin certifications dive

Earn and showcase dive badges

In addition to certification storage, the updated Garmin Dive app allows divers to earn and display dive badges based on their diving activities and achievements. These badges serve as a fun and engaging way to track progress and showcase accomplishments within the diving community.

Garmin dive badges

Now we know that not everyone is a fan of badges. But their inclusion in the Garmin Dive app adds a layer of gamification that may motivate some divers to explore new dive sites or strive for personal bests. Regardless, whether you’re a badge enthusiast or not, the core functionality of the app remains focused on practical dive planning and tracking.

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To take advantage of these new features, divers must own a Garmin Descent watch. Also they need to ensure they are using the latest versions of both the Garmin Dive and Garmin Connect apps.

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