New renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: A closer look

Some new renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra have been posted on Weibo giving us another look at the upcoming device. These follow renders that were revealed a couple of weeks ago.

A bold new look

Samsung has managed to give the Ultra a distinctive squarish look while retaining the beloved circular design language of the Galaxy Watch series. The upcoming device may not look as attractive as the current iterations, but it does appear to be quite robust.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

The newly emerged render images showcase the watch in sleek silver and classic black case colours. So at minimum, there will be two colour options.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

A standout feature of the Watch Ultra, compared to previous Galaxy Watches, is the addition of a third button on the side which resembles a rotating crown. This button is coloured in a vibrant orange, just like on the Apple Watch. Its function remains a mystery, but it is speculated to be a multifunctional button, potentially used for navigation, or quick access to specific features.

Bigger and bolder

While the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra shares the same 1.5-inch screen size as the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, it boasts a significantly larger and thicker body, measuring 47 x 47.4 x 16.4 mm. However it should be lightweight due to the incorporation of a titanium case, a premium material known for its durability and lightweight properties. The larger dimensions also suggest a more substantial battery, potentially offering extended battery life compared to previous models.

The renders also reveal a shiny bezel finish, adding a touch of luxury to the Watch 7 Ultra’s rugged exterior. Minimalistic hourly indicators replace the numeric markings found on older models, contributing to a cleaner, more modern aesthetic that complements the watch’s overall design.

Enhanced functionality and features

While specific details about the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra’s features remain scarce, it is expected to offer a range of advanced health and fitness tracking capabilities. These will include heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, ECG, blood pressure monitoring, and body composition analysis. Additionally, the watch will pack excellent water-resistance. Whether this will be 5 or 10 ATM remains to be seen.

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While Samsung has remained tight-lipped about the Ultra, the frequency and consistency of these leaks are painting a pretty clear picture of what to anticipate. The remaining uncertainties are expected to be unveiled next month, when the timepiece is expected to officially launch.

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