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Leaked Garmin Edge 1050 images: A sneak peek at what’s next?

Leaked images of the Garmin Edge 1050 reveal a new design, potential LCD display, and more. Is a June 26th launch date on the cards?

The cycling forums are abuzz with excitement following a series of leaked images showcasing what appears to be the new Garmin Edge 1050 GPS bike computer. These images, originating from various sources including a cached version of the Garmin Taiwan webpage, offer a glimpse of what could be a significant redesign and feature upgrade for Garmin’s flagship cycling device.

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Disclaimer: The images discussed in this article are not hosted on this website and are linked to their original sources. Should they be removed from those sources, they will disappear from this article as well.

New design: Edgy, but not everyone’s cup of tea

The most striking change of the Edge 1050 is its new angular design. While some may appreciate the modern aesthetic, others find it less appealing than the previous model. Some on social media are even saying the device is quite ugly looking. As always, opinions will be divided.

The leaked images suggest the Edge 1050 will retain the three standard hardware buttons (one on the left side and two on the bottom). Furthermore, some rumors suggest additional touch-sensitive sliders for zooming.

A major improvement has to do with the display.

The leaked images strongly suggest a departure from the transflective MIP display used in previous models. Speculation points towards either an AMOLED display, similar to the Garmin Epix watch and Forerunner 965, or a high-resolution LCD screen. Most likely, the latter.

A boost from 470 x 282 pixels to 800 x 480 pixels would be a welcome improvement, enhancing readability and potentially sacrificing some battery life. To remind, the Edge 1040 comes with a display packing a resolution of 282 x 470 pixels.

Battery life and other hardware upgrades

The new design and potential display upgrade raise questions about battery life. Rumors suggest the Edge 1050 may offer around 20 hours of use, a decrease from the Edge 1040 but still respectable. Solar charging appears unlikely based on the leaked images. So we may be limited to just a non-solar variant.

Other hardware upgrades include a rumored built-in speaker for voice navigation, a larger 64GB memory capacity (double that of the Edge 1040 non-solar), and the potential inclusion of Garmin Pay NFC functionality. The device’s dimensions are rumored to be 60.2 x 118.5 x 16.3mm with a weight of 161 grams and IPX7 water resistance.

One leaked image showcases a GroupRide navigation route, suggesting this feature may receive more attention in the new model. Of course, Garmin could have some other software upgrades in store.

Launch date: June 26th?

One intriguing detail in the leaked images is a group ride marked for June 26th. Could this be a hint of a launch on that date? Possibly. Considering there have already been some retailer leaks, the device will likely land very soon at or around the $700 price point.

While these leaks offer an exciting preview, it’s important to remember that these are unconfirmed details. We eagerly await official information from Garmin to confirm the final details.

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