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First retailer leak suggests Garmin Fenix 8 coming this September

The highly anticipated Garmin Fenix 8 smartwatch may be set for a September reveal, according to a leak from a Finnish retailer. This marks the first concrete information about the device’s launch after months of speculation, potentially setting the stage for one of the most significant updates to Garmin’s flagship multisport watch line in recent years.

Key details from the leak

The launch appears to be scheduled just before IFA Berlin, which begins on September 6th. Garmin typically showcases new products at this major European tech event, making it a logical venue for unveiling the Fenix 8 series.

The Fenix 8 will reportedly come in 43mm, 47mm, and 51mm sizes, a slight adjustment from the current 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm options. This minor change in sizing could indicate refinements in design or the accommodation of new hardware features.

Available colours include WhiteStone with Whitestone band, Slategray steel/Black with Black Band, and Stainless Steel/Black. It is possible the company could expand these options further down the line.

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The leaked information suggests higher prices compared to the current Fenix lineup. The 43 and 47mm have a listed price of 995.90 euros, while the 51mm comes in at 1,095,90 euros. Interestingly, there will also be a more affordable Fenix E variant in a 47mm size. That one will retail for 797.90 euros.

Analysis and market implications

This leak aligns with Garmin’s historical 2-3 year update cycle for the Fenix series. The last major release, Fenix 7, launched in January 2022, followed by the interim Fenix 7 Pro in May 2023. The timing of this potential release could be strategic. First off, Garmin has a great platform to launch the device – the largest European tech gathering. It would also allow the company to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.

The higher pricing suggests a possible merging of Garmin’s Fenix and Epix lines. This would address the current overlap in features between these models, with the main difference being display technology.

Although it may not be the everyone’s liking, an AMOLED display on the Fenix 8 would appeal to a broader audience. Certainly, Epix does have a following for that reason. Plus, the company is transitioning away from Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) display technology.

The introduction of a Fenix E model is particularly intriguing. It may represent a version that retains the MIP, possibly incorporating elements of the Enduro line. This could offer a more affordable option for users who prefer longer battery life over a high-resolution display. The “E” designation might stand for “Enduro”. That’s just a guess.

This potential restructuring of the Fenix line could have significant implications for Garmin’s product strategy. By consolidating features from multiple lines into the Fenix series, Garmin may be aiming to streamline its product offerings while still catering to diverse user needs.

As always with leaks, this information should be treated as speculative until officially confirmed by Garmin. However, the specificity of the details and the timing relative to IFA Berlin lend credibility to this info. As we approach the rumoured launch date, it’s likely we’ll see more leaks.

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