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Fitbit Surge update doubles battery life and adds extra features

Fitbit has this Wednesday released a software update for its Surge fitness tracker. Its last major update was back in March.

It seems that with this update, the Fitbit Surge’s battery life has doubled. With an active GPS signal and with its heart-rate sensor enabled, battery life is estimated to now be about 10 hours which is sizeable upgrade.

Also included in the list of fitness features is something Fitbit calls “Run Cues”. These are basically notifications that alert you when certain goals have been met, like distance or time.

In addition, the device now provides timer and stopwatch functionality and has improved the tracking algoritm for bike rides.

Here is a round-up of all the new features and improvements:

  • Surge now provides timer and stopwatch functionality.
  • You can track your splits in real time while running with the new “run cues” feature.
  • Added “quick view” support—when you turn your wrist to view the time, Surge uses ambient light to determine whether the backlight comes on.
  • When fully charged, Surge can now track up to 10 hours of GPS activity.
  • Fine-tuned the step-counting algorithm to further improve accuracy during bike rides.
  • Call and text notifications are removed after 24 hours.
  • Various bug fixes and additional enhancements.

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