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Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition

California-based Misfit offers a range of health and fitness activity trackers. The company has been around for 5 years, but has in this short time become one of the leading wearables brands with its line of sleek and inexpensive activity trackers.

In September, Misfit released the Speedo Shine, a new activity tracker for swimmers. In October it announced its next generation fitness wearable, the Shine 2. The latest addition to its line of trackers is called the Flash Cyclist Edition.

Misfit activity trackers have zero cables, elegant designs, and no need to recharge – which makes them one of the best-looking, lowest-maintenance activity trackers. The devices can be worn anywhere as they are very small and light. For people who want to be more proactive about their health and are interested in basic information but dont want to wear on obvious device – Misfit wearables are a great choice.

The Flash Cyclist Edition tracks metrics during your ride, including cadence (RPMs), distance, speed and map information, and delivers it in real time – giving you the information you need to boost performance during a ride. Misfit Labs team has basically combined the durability and versatility of Misfit Flash, a water-resistant activity and sleep monitor with the cadence-sensing capabilities that cyclists need while training.

The device also works with most popular cycling applications, including Strava, MapMyRide, Wahoo, and Cyclemeter, with more integrations coming soon. It can pair with the Misfit flagship app to deliver distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality and duration, and activity tagging (yoga, swimming, tennis, and more).

Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition

The Flash Cyclist Edition runs on a replaceable coin cell battery for up to 6 months so you don’t have to worry about charging up. Once your Misfit app is open, synchronization is done using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Storing up to 30 days worth of data before having to sync makes activity tracking feel like less of a chore.

Technical specifications

Display: 12 LED lights | Weight: 6g | Colour: Reef | Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer | Metrics: cadence, distance, speed, steps, calories burned, activity types, sleep quality and duration | Water resistance: up to 3 ATM – 30 metres | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Battery: up to 6 months | Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

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