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Xiaomi CEO gives us a sneak peak at the Mi Band 2

Xiaomi CEO (pictured on the right) may have given us a sneak peak of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, and it looks like this time, the Chinese manufacturer has produced a fitness band with a digital display.

When the first Xiaomi Mi Band was launched back in 2014, it was a very basic fitness tracker. Presumably, this was to keep the price down. This has allowed Xiaomi to carve out a significant share of the wearables market and become one of the largest global wearables manufacturers.

The company’s original Mi Band has a retail price of around $15, a reported 30-day battery life, can act as an alarm clock and tracks your fitness and sleep. Late last year, Xiaomi announced the Mi Band 1S – the same low cost fitness tracker that now measures your body’s blood flow.

But so far, all of the company’s wearable devices have lacked a display. If a recent photo posted by MyDrivers is to be believed, this may be about to change. Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun is photographed showing off what appears to be the Mi Band 2 on his wrist.

The picture shows a LCD display and a physical button, probably to toggle through different modes. The design also indicates a much wider strap, presumably to house a larger battery.

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It is likely that the new device will include all of the features of its predecessor wearables, which means it will track steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt, sleep and perhaps even heart rate. All standard stuff, but you can bet the new fitness tracker will fit squarely into the budget fitness tracker category. The company has an event planned for the 10th of May so we are likely to learn more then.

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