Antelope Sportswear: the muscle activating smartsuit

Antelope Sportswear: the muscle activating smartsuit

Using state of the art electro muscle stimulation, ANTELOPE is the first technologically enhanced sports wear embedded with muscle targeting electrodes that stimulate each of your muscle groups, helping you reach your fitness goals faster. This is the only wearable that pro-actively works to increase your strength, endurance, speed and coordination. The German based company says, targeting more muscle fibers than traditional exercise, a 20-minute workout with ANTELOPE is the equivalent of a three-hour workout without it.

The lightweight garments, which feel like traditional sportswear, contain special compression fabrics with integrated electrodes and wiring. The electrical impulses are triggered by the electronic unit called ANTELOPE BOOSTER. Managing the sections with the app, you choose which areas to target for strength, endurance, coordination, and speed improvements. The sportswear mimics the way your muscles naturally contract to maximize your workout.

Price: $249 and up

Funding in progress:
$1,269,559 USD total funds raised
 funded on December 12, 2015

Estimated delivery: December 2016

Antelope Sportswear: the muscle activating smartsuit

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