Prana: track your breathing and posture

Prana: track your breathing and posture

Prana is the first wearable which combines breath and posture tracking to help you make the most of your sitting time. Building on recent medical studies and ancient Yoga traditions, Prana supports the interconnection between good breathing and good posture for many healthy benefits including reduced stress, better focus, and less back pain.

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This little disc, that clips to your waistband tracks the way both your diaphragm and chest move in and out while you breathe and the position of your body. When you sit, Prana analyzes your breath patterns and posture, providing you with a ‘quality of breathing score’ and then urgens you to make changes through a series of creating patterns, basic movements and simple games. You select a pattern which best fits your health goals, and Prana actively guides your breath.

Prana can also send occasional push alert reminders to breathe or sit better. When you walk, Prana automatically switches to standing mode where it functions as a traditional step tracker.

Price: $99 and up

Funding closed:
$47,428 USD raised by 472 backers
95% of $50,000 flexible goal

Estimated delivery: June 2016

Prana: track your breathing and posture

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