Allb – a smart wearable for infants

Allb – a smart wearable for infantsAllb is a virtual babysitter that can help you keep an eye on your little ones from wherever you are. This small device gives you a customized analysis for your baby along with a built in alarm.

Once fastened to the inside of the diaper or pants, Allb begins to monitor the baby’s health including temperature, respiratory rate and sleep patterns. It can be worn comfortably even when the baby lies on his or her back and does not limit the baby’s movements or actions.

The smartphone app aids in child care by analyzing and interpreting your baby’s data that was collected during monitoring. If anything is out of the normal range, you will be instantly alerted on your smartphone anywhere you are and advised an action to take.

Price: $109

Funding successful:
$31,052 raised

Estimated delivery: July 2016

[October 27th update]: the product has just started shipping

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Allb – a smart wearable for infants

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