Fitpal: heart rate variability stick-on wearable

Fitpal: heart rate variability stick-on wearable

Fitpal has created a slim, flexible, waterproof wearable device that provides valuable insight on all areas of your fitness and health.

The disposable stick-on patch uses two 10mm stainless steel electrodes and 3 axis MEMS motion detection to provide a wealth of data. This includes: heart rate tools, exercise readiness, health score, health trends, health risks, stress monitoring, biological age, heart rate variability, irregular heart rate detection, autonomic nervous system balance, parasympathetic nervous system activation, heart rate and zones, max and resting heart rate, step count, calories burned, sleep quality and trends and skin temperature. A very impressive list, indeed.

AmpStrip raised funds earlier this year for a similar stick on patch. The company ultimately decided to cancel plans for a consumer-facing fitness product, and opted instead to focus on the device’s potential uses as a medical device. Lets hope Fitpal does a better job at fulfilling their backer’s expectations.

Price: $199

Funding closed:
634 backers pledged $118,304
to help bring this project to life.

Estimated delivery: November 2016

Fitpal: heart rate variability stick-on wearable

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