A possible Microsoft Band 3 leak, ahead of a rumoured October launch

We may have caught our first glimpse of the Microsoft Band 3.

As Neowin explains, Panos Panay was recently on livestream showing off one of Microsoft’s design labs. While walking around talking about products and prototypes, Panay can be seen gesturing with his sleeves rolled up, wearing a mystery device resembling the Microsoft Band 2 – but not quite.

For those who may not know, Panos Panay is the corporate vice president for Surface Computing at Microsoft Corp. He is responsible for the overall direction and strategy for this business, along with the Microsoft Hardware Division, where he manages user experience and development for all mice, keyboards, webcams and headsets.

The device Panay is wearing is similar to the Microsoft Band 2, but seems to be thinner and wider. Whatsmore, the wearable is white, or light grey, a colour scheme that is not currently available for the Band 2.

Have a look at the video and judge for yourself.


Towards the end of the short clip, Panay can be seen rolling up his sleeve. Was this just an accident or an intentional leak to build some hype? We saw a number of leaks with the Gear Fit 2, which fuelled speculation and generated interest in Samsung’s new device.

Its been nearly a year since Microsoft unveiled the second generation band. The Band 2 is without question a more premium version of the original device. The design is better (no difficult feat…), more sensors have been included, and the software has received subtle improvements.

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There are indications that Microsoft is working on a new device as its current fitness line is being sold with price cuts at a number of retailers and it is no longer refilling stocks with the Band 2. An October release date – ahead of the holiday season – is likely as it aligns with the unveiling of new Surface models and represents a year since the launch of Band 2.

As far as changes coming on the new Band 3 are concerned, Softpedia reports that we may see interchangeable bands this time around and that the device will be more comfortable to wear. No leaks yet on any revamp of features. Swimming is one obvious omission from the current Band so waterproofing may be something we could very well see in the third generation device.

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