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World’s first personal security wearable not tied to a smartphone

We have written recently about wearables that help keep you safe. These are typically gadgets that give you the ability to notify your friends and family at the touch of a button if there is an emergency.

Whereable Technologies have now come out with an innovative new gadget. RiskBand, which launches in the fall, is a small bracelet-like device. It is designed to pinpoint your location anywhere in the world using a satellite GPS link, and send an SOS signal untethered from your smartphone. The device features a built-in cellular antenna, microphone, speaker, haptic feedback and VGA camera.

The company says once you press the button on your RiskBand for three seconds, it connects to GEOS, their emergency response partner. When the call ticket is received by GEOS, haptic vibration is triggered on the RiskBand alerting the wearer that the connection has been successful.

The device then connects with the GPS satellite, pinpoints the RiskBand’s location and sends to GEOS. It also establishes a two-way audio link and starts capturing photos (up to 8 frames per second). The response team will then asses the situation, alert the local authorities if needed and remain in contact with first responders and the user until the conclusion of event. The company says, the wearable allows you to talk to RiskBand’s team in over 200 languages and dialects.

“When we designed RiskBand, we wanted to make sure every component was best-in-class to deliver flawlessly on our promise to provide security to our users,” said Whereable Technologies President and CEO Jim Van Law.

RiskBand comes with a 24-hour battery. If you take it off and sit still, the device will automatically go into a series of ‘sleep modes,’ powering itself down to maximize battery life. The band is also water and dust resistant with an IP54 rating.

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Whereable Technologies says if you enable location services it can also alert users when there is potential danger in their area.

RiskBand definitely seems like the most fully featured safety wearable we have seen to date. Having such a device may just give you peace of mind the next time you are coming back from a late night out. RiskBand is available at with a two-year subscription.

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