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Ava, a new wearable designed to help families conceive

When it comes to the finely tuned sequence of events that must take place for conception to occur, there’s plenty of room for foiled attempts and confusion. For most couples trying to conceive, the odds that a woman will become pregnant in any particular month are about 15% to 25%. This number decreases with age and health issues among other factors.

This is where a new wearable called Ava steps in. A device worn only during the night, Ava is a fertility tracking bracelet that maximizes your chances to conceive. Essentially, a Fitbit for fertility.

Included in the delivery is the medical grade sensor pod, silicone bracelet and USB charging cable.

Ava, a new wearable designed to help families conceive
Image source: Ava Science

Instead of tracking your period, peeing on a stick and carrying around a thermometer, each night, you slip on the silicone bracelet and the sensor pod gets to work. While you sleep, Ava is reading your body’s cues, gathering millions of data points. There is nothing required on your part, Ava captures all the data and syncs with the smartphone app. The company explained that while a woman can track some changes during her menstrual cycle, like mood swings and skin breakouts, others are too small to be seen or felt.

In the morning, check your phone for an analysis of the information Ava gathered during the night. You’ll see information about your sleep quality, stress level, and, most importantly, your conception probability for that day.

Ava, a new wearable designed to help families conceiveThe company says, the device gives you an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with 89% accuracy, essentially doubling your chance of conception. The longer a woman wears the bracelet, the more accurate the prediction will be.

The Food and Drug Administration-approved the bracelet as a Class One medical device. It also approved the the nine physical metrics it tracks including the six days a month when a woman can get pregnant.

Ava has a battery life of 12 hours, which should be more than enough for even the longest nights sleep. It is also splash and sweat proof. The target market for this wearable are women over 30 who have been trying uncussefully to conceive.

Late last year, the company announced it had successfully raised $2.6 million in funding to launch the product. Pre-orders have been open since then, but now, Ava is ready to ship and is available for $199 on the manufacturers website.

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  • Awesome! This can be a great addition to my free conceiveeasy BBT. We’re trying for months now, I hope this can help.


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