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Play like a pro with the SOLIDshot Basketball Smart Sleeve

Basketball is one of a number of sports which is embracing wearable technology. This market was virtually non-existent only a few years ago.

We have seen a number of devices to help you perfect your game such as the 94fifty and Wilson X connected basketballs, the BasketBall Replay Analyzer, ShotTracker and Vert.

After four years of development and two years of refinement on NBA and NCAA courts a new wearable, the basketball smart sleeve SOLIDshot, is now available to consumers.

The sleeve basically guides you to improve your shooting form and boost consistency. Just turn on SOLIDshot and pull it on. You can dribble, pass, and play just like you normally do.

Using multiple sensors on a player’s shooting arm, the device constantly analyzes motion, recognizes a shot, and gives instant feedback the moment the ball leaves the player’s hands. The device looks at over 50 metrics of your shot. The data is gathered from three sensors: one on a player’s bicep, another on their forearm and the third one on the hand.

Play like a pro with the SOLIDshot Basketball Smart Sleeve
Image source: SOLIDshot

Essentially, this is equivalent to a 120 fps high-speed motion capture system. Four independent computers coordinate hundreds of times per second to analyze your motion in real-time.

Instant feedback helps you build muscle memory. Audio and visual cues on the sleeve let you know exactly what you need to work on. For more detailed insight into your shooting technique, head over to the accompanying app.

“SOLIDshot is a phenomenal shooting system for both experienced and young, aspiring players that are serious about improving their shooting skills.” said Hall of Famer and 14-time NBA All-Star Jerry West.

This innovative wearable puts a coach on your arm, providing instant, personalized feedback on every shot. You can pick up the device on the manufacturer’s website. The sleeve is not exactly cheap retailing for $499, although there is a 50% discount at the moment. Deliveries will begin at the start of the winter basketball season.


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