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LVL: First fitness tracker that measures your hydration level

Your body depends on water to survive. Proper hydration is vital to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work correctly. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate joints.

Despite the importance of hydration, there are no activity trackers that automatically keep track of it. Until now.

BSX Athletics, as Austin-based wearable sensor company, wants to revolutionize the way we track our body’s hydration levels. The company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign, to fund development of LVL – the first fitness wearable that measures hydration. The idea came from CEO and Founder of the company, Dustin Freckleton, who experienced a heart attack at a young age brought on by dehydration.

LVL: First fitness tracker that measures your hydration level
Image source: LVL

The wearable uses red light technology that measures 10 times deeper into your body than the green lights commonly found in fitness trackers, letting it both measure hydration levels and grab accurate heart rate readings.

“We have spent the past four and a half years developing a revolutionary red light technology (actually near infrared light) that for the first time ever can measure dehydration, while also providing industry leading heart rate accuracy at the same time,” their Kickstarter page reads.

“Our red light sensor originates from the world of medical devices where accuracy is king. It can measure 10 times deeper into the body than green light can, which allows us to see more and measure it more accurate.”

The company says its tested hundreds of athletes in their sweat lab for development of LVL–using gold standards in biometric sensing to refine the algorithms LVL uses to measure hydration.

Like many other fitness trackers, the device can also track your activity (steps, distance, floors climbed), calories, sleep, mood and heart rate for a complete picture of your health.

LVL is currently aiming for a goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter before it begins production, shipping to pre-order customers in early Summer 2017. The date seems a bit far off, but its a welcome change from crowdfunding projects over-promising on delivery dates in order to encourage investment.

So far they are doing very well. With 40 days to go, they smashed through their goal with some 2,000 pledging more than $280,000 into the project.


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