InstFit Pro: a solar powered fitness tracker

InstFit Pro: a solar powered fitness tracker

InstFit Pro is an interesting little gadget. At first glance – there is very little to distinguish this fitness tracker from the pack. It monitors steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, sleep hourly activity & stationary time – and all this with automatic activity recognition.

It will also keep tabs on your ticker 24/7 and dish out graphs on heart rate zones and your resting heart rate. To help you stay active throughout the day it will agive you friendly reminders to move. Oh yes, and they’ve thrown in GPS for good measure.

So far, nothing to get really excited about.

What makes this wearable truly revolutionary though, is something the company calls Hybrid power technology. This essential means it is powered by the sun, so no recharging required.

Welcome to the future.

Price: $79

Partially funded:
$43,904 USD total funds raised
97% funded on October 8, 2016

Estimated delivery: November 2016

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InstFit Pro: a solar powered fitness tracker

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