Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings

Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readingsKoogeek is a relatively new entrant in market for health and fitness gadgets and wearables. The China based outfit is a smart home products manufacturer that invested over $20 million so far this year to develop their ‘advanced smart home’ product series.

In March, the company released their first smart scale. Koogeek also sells other devices such as a blood pressure monitor, an abdominal muscle exerciser and a SmartPlug. All of these communicate with the user through a smartphone app and Koogeek’s ‘Smart Cloud System’.

The newest addition to this ecosystem of devices is the Koogeek Smart Thermometer. Released just over a month ago, this is a thermometer that employs infrared technology to provide secure and accurate one-second temperature measurements.

The technology is relatively new and infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation emitted by the object being measured. These trackers are sometimes referred to as laser thermometers, as a laser is used to help aim the thermometer.

Only available in hospitals to measure the temperatures of patients without touching them, the technology has been brought to our homes by companies such as Koogeek and Withings. Unlike traditional methods, this is a much more sanitary way to take anyone’s temperature.

Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings

The Koogeek Smart Infrared Thermometer comes in a sleek box containing the core measurement unit and little instruction booklet. The tracker itself feels well made, robust, it has smooth curved edges and is small in size. In a way, it resembles an electric toothbrush in terms of design, only smaller.

The hole at the bottom of the thermometer allows you to potentially run a string through it to hang it up in your bathroom. There is also a protective cap making the whole package ideal for office or travel.

Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings

Koogeek says the thermometer is dust proof, drop proof and dirt proof. In terms of battery life, this is one less smart gadget you will need to recharge as it comes with a replaceable coin cell battery. There is no mention of battery life as presumably this would depend on use. My guess is that you could possibly get up to a year of battery life out of it. But this is purely a guess.

Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings

The thermometer is extremely easy to use. A quick look at the instructions is all that it takes to be able to use all of its functions. There are only two main buttons, a display, and two indicator lights for in-ear or forehead use.

Switch it on by long-pressing the on/off button. Select ear probe or forehead mode. Wait for the light indicating the type of measurement to switch on and then off, point the probe either down your ear canal or at your forehead and press the start button.

You will hear a beep in what seems like an instant followed by your temperature reading on the display. The thermometer will produce an alarm sound if a measurement is lower than 93.2°F / 34°C or higher than 107.9°F / 42.2°C.

The whole process is extremely quick – one second is all it takes. Koogeek says the measurement error is within ±0.2℃.

Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings

I have tried this out a few dozen times in the past couple of days, and am happy to report my temperature was in the normal range every single time. Turning off the device and coming back to it later the temperature barely changed.

Measurement data can be saved by the thermometer itself, or transferred to the Koogeek app through Bluetooth. Because the thermometer saves the last thirty readings, you don’t need to have your phone with you to access a record of past measurements taken.

There is actually very little need to use the app, unless you want to track trends. For example, if you think that something may be wrong you can use this as evidence to take to your doctor.

Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings
Koogeek Smart Infrared Thermometer
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Koogeek’s smart thermometer provides quick temperature readings

All in all, this is exciting new technology that is very easy to use with or without the app. An extremely simple one second scan across the forehead requires no contact with the skin, making it the most sanitary way to take temperature. The option of having an in-ear measurement as well is a nice touch as it gives you the ability to double-check your forehead reading.

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